The Wooded Path by Nancy LiPetri

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    Gives the reader a sensation of watching trains hurtling down the track toward each other.

    Ever wonder if you’re normal? Laine McClelland sure does. When the mysterious disappearance of a bunco friend, Paula, shakes her Lake Norman neighborhood, her seemingly perfect world is suddenly filled with dark thoughts, dangerous temptations and surprising confessions.

    What is normal once you realize life’s short, anyway? Was her marriage ever enough? She finds herself risking it all…and afraid of what really happened to Paula.

    About Nancy LiPetri:

    Nancy LePetri
    Nancy LiPetri

    Nancy LiPetri lives on Lake Norman, North Carolina, and shares her passion for the region in her debut novel, The Wooded Path. Lake life and the dynamics of a neighborhood group of women helped inspire the story.  Originally from landlocked Iowa, she has enjoyed living on both coasts and in her husband’s native Chicago in between, taking her family and freelance copywriting career with her, and gathering inspiration for her fiction along the way.

    She appreciates realism in her favorite movies, television shows and books, and strives to entertain readers with believable characters experiencing a spectrum of issues people don’t always reveal to others.

    Review by Anne Schroeder:

    “They say most of life’s problems involve sex or money. Spoiler alert—this one isn’t about money. And it isn’t about sex, exactly, unless one counts all those delicious degrees surrounding “the deed.” …The omniscient, edgy tone of the Wooded Path gives the reader a sensation of watching trains hurtling down the track toward each other, wondering which will collide and which will make it safely to its destination.

    Cute, clever dialogue, and lots of real life issues pepper the page and make this a must-read for women struggling with middle age itch, the need for meaningful friendship bonds and the illusion that the marital grass is greener outside.  The reader is allowed a peek into the different characters’ seemingly perfect lives in the aftermath of the inciting incident that bonds them all together. In the end I was reminded how similar we are all, and that we are all our sister’s keepers, but not their judges.”

    Review by John M. Willis:


    The Wooded Path is a romantic mystery, one that has as its setting a picturesque lake and a quiet upscale community. The story’s protagonist, Laine McClelland, is a character who will intrigue readers as the author adroitly develops her throughout the story.

    Laine is the quintessential suburban homemaker living the good life. Her husband is successful and handsome, their son intelligent and popular. A copywriter, Laine works her own schedule from home, thus allowing her to pursue other endeavors such as horseback riding and working out at the gym. These two pursuits eventually become problematic for the woman’s marriage.

    On the first Tuesday of each month, Laine joins a group of friends for a women’s Bunco night. One night after the women have had their fill of Bunco, and more than enough to drink, they decide to take a boat ride on Lake Norman. All is well until the following day when it’s learned that one of their group did not return home last night after their late night cruise. Their friend, Paula, somehow disappeared. And much to their embarrassment, no one in the Bunco crowd remembers even seeing her get off the boat.

    While the mystery of Paula’s disappearance deepens, the event causes Laine to begin some serious introspection. She questions her happiness, including her marriage. Thus begins a series of inappropriate interactions with several men Laine meets in her daily activities.

    The story is well written, as it vacillates between theories of Paula’s disappearance and Laine’s temptations. A supporting cast of characters enhances the story and makes The Wooded Path quite a believable and interesting read. The author does a good job with the ending, leaving no unanswered questions. We finally find out what happened to the missing woman, as well as Laine’s marriage.