With Angel’s Wings by Stephanie A. Collins

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    I can’t imagine how many people will and can be touched by this story. It seems like a story that NEEDED to be told and there are people out there that NEED to read this.

    With Angel’s Wings is the true story of Laura, a young wife and mother of a three-year-old daughter. Her husband, Kevin, a marine, is deployed overseas, leaving Laura to give birth to their second daughter and handle the two young children on her own.

    Thirteen days after the birth of her youngest, the pediatrician detects a heart murmur. That leads to just the first of multiple diagnoses for both of her daughters, sending Laura on an unexpected and emotional journey into the world of parenting medically-fragile, special needs children.

    Right when Laura fears she will break under the incredible pressure, she encounters the beauty of true love, in a most unexpected and unconventional way.

    About Stephanie A. Collins:

    Stephanie A. Collins
    Stephanie A. Collins

    With Angel’s Wings is my story, so I will not bore you with repetition. All names were changed in the book, out of respect for those who would not appreciate being mentioned by name, but aside from names, the story is 100% true. If, after reading With Angel’s Wings, you are left with questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    On the book’s website (www.withangelswings.net) there is an “Ask the Author Forum”, and all questions and feedback are more than welcome. Also on the website are an epilogue, “deleted scenes” and “real life” pictures that correlate with each of the book’s chapters. Some of those pictures are featured in With Angel’s Wings ~ A Trailer @ http://youtu.be/d1feuCdh8dc Thanks, and enjoy!

    Review by dianna:

    I know the author, so I put off reading this book. I was afraid it would be boring and formulaic. It is neither. I couldn’t put it down. The story is about a mother of two special needs children, one who is severely disabled, but it is much more than that. It is a coming of age novel where I was totally wrapped up in the decisions of the main character and fascinated by her development.

    It is also one of the best love stories I have read in a long time. It left me with a renewed hope and appreciation for all that human beings are and what they can accomplish, especially when they find a partner who is equally exceptional.

    Whether you enjoy books about parenting challenges, stories of personal triumph, or just a really good romance this book is well worth your time.

    Review by brenda:

    What struck me most when I first started reading With Angel’s Wings by Stephanie Collins was how honest she was since this was from her real life experience. I felt as if I knew her in an instant. Her writing has a way of comforting her reader and pulling them right in. We could have been long lost friends even though our lives are so different. I just connected to her and her story right away.

    This book moved me and touched me deep down inside. I felt for this person and for the family who had to deal with so much. I mean, isn’t life hard enough? Still this is not a “woe is me” story and certainly not a downer. It just shines a light on issues that many of us will never have to fully understand. But still the human existence makes us want to understand so we can be compassionate to the unknown. I can’t imagine how many people will and can be touched by this story. It seems like a story that NEEDED to be told and there are people out there that NEED to read this.

    With Angel’s Wings will be helpful to people who are just starting to come to the realization that their child is not other children. For me who does not have a child this book has given me new insight and maybe a bit more appreciation all across the board.

    There is nothing worse getting caught up in the medical system. Actually, that is not true. There is NOTHING worse than getting caught up in the medical system when the patient is a baby or child. Can’t be anything in the world worse than that.

    This heart wrenching account at times was so difficult to read that I wanted to close my eyes but I couldn’t because I needed to know what was happening. We are transported right back in time and I can feel the anguish and complete despair. And if this wasn’t enough to deal with there was bureaucracy, more than one sick child to deal with and a husband that was not making things any easier. And this was just the beginning.

    Much love goes out to Miss Collins and her family.