When A Secret Kills by Lynette Eason

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    Contemporary suspense with a flair of romance.

    Investigative reporter Jillian Carter knows it’s time to put the past to rest. She’s tired of looking over her shoulder, letting a killer go free. She’s no longer the scared kid who changed her name and disappeared. Now, no matter what the cost, Jillian must do what she is trained to do–ferret out the truth and expose it. Senator Frank Hoffman committed murder ten years ago–and Jillian watched it happen.

    Didn’t she?

    Not even the enigmatic and attractive Colton Brady, her ex-boyfriend and nephew of the killer, will be able to make her leave this alone. Get ready for the spine-tingling, nail-biting conclusion to an explosive series.

    Review by Melanie:

    Lynette Eason
    Lynette Eason

    After reading When the Smoke Clears and When a Heart Stops, I was really anticipating When a Secret Kills – the conclusion to Lynette Eason’s Deadly Reunion series. Let me say, it definitely met my expectations (which were really high) and When a Secret Kills just may be my favorite of the series.

    Jillian and Colton were great main characters. I liked them from the beginning and, as the story continued, my affection for them kept growing. 🙂 I did get a little frustrated with Meg, though.

    I loved the romance story in When a Secret Kills. It was sweet and realistic. I liked how the couple already knew each other and had been in love, but circumstances separated them, so it wasn’t an “instant” romance.

    When a Secret Kills also had a lot of surprises. There were some things in Jillian’s story I just did not expect. Oh, and I loved the ending! It was cool how Lynette Eason wrapped things up.

    Overall, I loved When a Secret Kills. This book held my attention from the beginning on and I had a hard time putting it down. I recommend it if you enjoy romantic suspense books.

    Review by Kindle Customer:

    Talk about a twist from what I thought the ending was going to be! A suspenseful conclusion to a three book series that can has kept me on my toes.

    I have been waiting for Jillian’s story for three novels now. She has been the reason and the driving forward behind what our killer has aimed for. It takes courage for her to come back and face the man who she believes to be after her life and the girl doesn’t get much of a break!

    It seemed with this title, there needed to be an explosion or death threat every couple of chapters to keep the tension level high. After a bit this pace became a bit old, but the romance leveled in was a nice balancing act.

    As I mentioned above, the end had a fantastic twist that I didn’t see coming for three books. I think it was a surprise for our would-be murderer too. Talk about depravity…but it was interesting and different. Made for a “did that really just happen??” moment.

    Contemporary suspense with a flair of romance and more than just a pinch of fast finger-flicking through the pages. A weekend read sure to keep you up late to find out “who did it”.