War of Hearts by Lynn Hubbard

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    If you like strong female leads, hot sexy men, a few surprises, espionage and lots of suspense and intrigue mixed with hot steamy romance, you’ll love War of Hearts.

    Following along after Washington’s Army, was not what Sarah Fanum had planned. Nonetheless, sometimes fate is cruel. Deciding to control her own future, she accepted a role as a spy.

    Gathering more courage than she knew she had, she headed to New York City. Tristan Radcliff was a pampered playboy. He was used to having his own way, and lived for the next adventure on the high seas.

    He was caught off guard by Sarah’s unpretentious ways, and taken by her beauty.

    Review by Cathy:

    Lynn Hubbard
    Lynn Hubbard

    Sarah follows her brother into war after their parents are killed. Even after his death she stays in the camps and helps however she can. She begins working in the hospital and meets Robert the surgeon there. Sarah soon is called to help garner information and sent into New York. Robert tells her if she ever needs help to find his brother Tristan.

    Wow was this book surprising. From the blurb and material I read I knew it was something I liked. I love a good historical from time to time but on these I am very picky. They really have to be well written and intriguing to capture and hold my attention. This one exceeded my expectations. Once I started I didn’t want to put it down.

    I usually don’t bond with female leads. I fell for Sarah immediately and as the story went on even more. Every single character in this book captured my heart in one way or another. There are lots of twists and turns. There is a tiny bit of humour to lighten the dismal atmosphere of the war. There is plenty of hot sensual sex. And more intrigue and suspense than you could hope for. I would love to see several sequels since I’d like a story on just about every character you meet in this book.

    I highly recommend this book If you like strong female leads, hot sexy men, a few surprises, espionage and lots of suspense and intrigue mixed with hot steamy romance.

    By Lindy Reads:

    Many books are about love or war, and sometimes both. This novel is much more than that. It begins on a small farm and has many twist and turns within the family. (No spoiler). Sarah and her brother, Silas left the farm and joined the war.

    Many women followed their husbands into the war. Sarah followed her brother. The world of war: cold winters, frozen and bloody feet, hunger, pirates, prisons, torture, and love. A beautifully written story of Sarah Fanum’s life during the war and what she did to help many soldiers.

    The story surprisingly turned into a spy novel that also included trying to capture a prison ship. How can the main character, Sarah, possibly do all of these things- or did she accomplish anything she set out to do?

    The author, Lynn Hubbard, has written this amazing book with many opposite intricate things, yet, wound together perfectly. It takes an author with the finest writing skills, true facts mixed with a great imagination and tons of research- plus an obvious love for her work, is Lynn Hubbard.

    This is an intricately woven story of true devotion, you cannot stop reading- a definite page turner! I read many books, yet there are few novels that I can actually “see” the writing and visualize the scenes. Her writing is smoothly written with details that allowed me to “see” everything.

    This is a fantastic novel and definitely a keeper on my shelf. Highly recommended