Wake Me Up So I Can Dream by Ashlee North

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    You’ll certainly want to put Wake Me Up So I Can Dream at the top of your reading list this year!

    Wake me up so I can Dream is a disturbing story of nightmares, visions, dreams and fears, which will leave you questioning everything in the confusing world of the beautiful lead character, Sasha.

    She is a young woman with a tortured past, but a gentle soul, who after much hardship falls in love, against the odds, with Michael, who once was just a friend. Michael will love her immensely, but things will change, swiftly and dramatically, in concerning scenarios, leaving you and the characters in wonderment and turmoil.

    Without warning Sasha starts to see strange visions and seems to be losing the man she loves to a ghostly figure, who walks in and out of her life at will, determined to take everything she has. Sasha feels she’s losing her grip on reality. Plagued by fear, paranoia and fluctuating emotions, she endeavours to find answers and return to her once happy, successful life.

    Feelings of insanity bite at her heels and she seeks help. With this the mystery continues to unfold. Eventually Sasha will find some understanding and a little peace in her nightmarish existence, only to be plunged back into an even greater disturbance.

    Wake me up so I can Dream will keep you in suspense until the very last page. You will hold your breath for Sasha, you’ll journey with her in confusion, you’ll feel afraid, you’ll feel the depths of her misery and you may even find some joy in these pages and its ultimately beautiful story!

    About Ashlee North:

    Ashlee North
    Ashlee North

    Ashlee North is in her mid thirties and lives on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

    She is a lover of words and music, adores writing and finds the most joy in taking readers on a journey with her stories.

    Ashlee’s life has been filled with events, both good and bad, which moulded and changed her and eventually have given her wings to fly.

    She has learned from her experiences, found victory over difficulties and discovered true and lasting love in the process.

    Ashlee’s writing always tries to portray the hope that even in the hardest of circumstances there is hope for the future and that love may very well be right around the corner.

    She has a gorgeous daughter and a wonderfully supportive husband, both who are the loves of her life.

    Ashlee has a career as a writer, but also another; helping disabled young people to live better and more enjoyable lives.

    Her own personal  journey is inspiring and she pours all of these things into her manuscripts, her care for others, and her love for life.

    She lives with passion and gives her all to her endeavours, in the hope that her life, her writing, and her work will make even a small difference to the world.

    Ashlee has so far written five books: ‘Caitlin and the Café Man’; ‘Because of the Secret’; ‘Wake me up so I can Dream’; ‘Circling Carousels’; and ‘The Storm that Brews Within’.

    Review by Gayle Thompson, SBPRA editor:

    Everything in Sasha’s life is perfect—or so it seems. She is married to Michael, the most wonderful man on the planet; they live in a beautiful home near a beach; she has her dream job—an actress just beginning to live the life of fame and fortune—and yet she is plagued by a sense that something is not right.

    She sees darting shadows, more often in her home than anywhere else. And she senses that someone is following her. Then the worst thing of all: Michael is seeing someone else. She finds herself no longer working at her dream job, but as a secretary. It’s completely confusing to her, because she’s not sure how it all happened.

    She takes us with her on a journey through her past, reliving some of her memories, trying to understand how this all happened. In the meantime, she keeps trying to talk to Michael to help her understand why they are no longer together. Unfortunately, Michael cannot help her, but she does come to an understanding, nevertheless. Join Sasha as she travels on this journey to discover what the shadow is, determine what seems to be following her, and, most important, learn the truth about herself. A truth many must face.

    You’ll certainly want to put Wake Me Up So I Can Dream at the top of your reading list this year!