An Unlikely Duchess by Nadine Millard

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    If your looking for a light romantic novel with a happy ending I recommend this one!

    Edward Crawdon, Duke of Hartridge, is being forced by his slightly overbearing but loving mother to spend time with her old friends at their estate in Ireland. He does not know it, but a contract exists between the two families stating that Edward must marry their eldest daughter.

    On the day of his arrival, Edward meets Lady Rebecca, Caroline’s younger sister, under very unusual circumstances. Edward cannot stop thinking about Lady Rebecca, but she is completely unsuited to being a duchess.

    However, she becomes rather a toast of the Ton, and even though he cannot marry her, Edward realizes that he cannot stand idly by and watch Rebecca marry someone else.

    Will Edward admit his true feelings for Rebecca? Will he defy his responsibilities and duties, his idea of a “proper” duchess, and follow his heart?

    Review by Terra:

    Nadine Millard
    Nadine Millard

    This was a lovely, sweet, and beautiful romantic novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was I admit a bit predictable, but that’s not such a bad thing for me. I was already expecting that.

    So I was just along for the ride. I was very happy with the flow and detail in the story. What I enjoyed most though was the narrator I think. Then again I’m a sucker for accents, so that may play a major roll in my preference. Lol,

    I admit her male voices where not very masculine, but you can tell she put as much emotion into them as was called for. Making it easy to fall into the story and get lost in it. If your looking for a light romantic novel with a happy ending I recommend this one!

    Review by Erin Light:

    What made the experience of listening to An Unlikely Duchess the most enjoyable?

    great story of a woman whowas not raised by her family to be Duchess material and yet she outshines her sister and fines a wonderful love

    Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?