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    UNKNOWN MAGIC CAME TO ME while driving home from Chicago. I had to pull over into a rest area and wrote the first chapter. When I arrived home I typed it into the computer, where it stayed for over about two years. Then I had a dream, pulled it out, and over the next three months I finished the book. Of course then it took another year to revise and edit it.

    It won 1st place in the East Texas Writers’ Association Writers Contest and 3rd place in the East Texas Writers’ Guild Writer’s Contest.

    Here are just a few things said by readers about Unknown Magic.

    I LOVED this book! It grabs you in from the very beginning and doesn’t let you go.

    I loveddddd this novel! It’s a must read for any urban fantasy lovers.

    Unknown Magic by Evelyn Byrne put me under its spell! Not a regular reader of paranormal romance, it was nice to read such a compelling storyline with well-developed and quite interesting characters.

    From Evelyn Byrne:

    Evelyn Byrne
    Evelyn Byrne

    Let me ask you this. Do you really know your neighbor?

    Could your neighbor, teacher, or friend be other than what you think they are?

    Well, if you listen to many of today’s authors, they very well could be.

    According to Lindsey Sands, your next-door neighbor just might be a vampire, even if you see them during the day. Let’s see, she portrays them as doctors, authors, even business owners. Then there is Christine Feehan, who has a popular band of the Carpathians. Or what about Lauren K. Hamilton, who has weres teaching our children? Nalini Singh has changelings and Phy, owning major businesses. And then there’s Katie MacAlister with her dragons and demons to contend with. Oh, and let’s not forget Alexis Morgan’s Paladins and Alyssa Day’s Atlanteans. And of course you have Karen Moning, who describes the Tuatha de Danann as soul sucking monsters.

    I portray the Tuatha de Danann as sensual beings that walk among us.

    It is so much fun being able to tell a story the way I want to.

    I hope enjoy my Daughter of Prophecy series.

    Review by Cheryl Sanders:

    Evelyn M. Byrne has written an amazing story about the Fae. This book is extremely well written. I felt as if I were actually in the story watching everything unfold. I wasted no time purchasing book two in this series. I’m looking forward to getting lost in another fantastic story!

    Review by KM:

    I don’t normally read fantasy type books, but I found this one hard to put down. The book starts with high intensity and keeps you riveted until the very end. Give it a try even if you don’t think it is your cup of tea. I look forward to more great books from Evelyn Byrne.