Through a Broken Window by L. F. Falconer

Through a Broken Window by L. F. Falconer Purchase:

    These ten well written short stories are billed as strange and deranged and they do not disappoint.

    “Take a peek, if you dare, through this broken pane of glass. Tell me what it is you see and maybe I will disagree. What you perceive may not be, or too, may come to pass.”

    Step into another world with these short, dark tales of the strange and deranged. Meet seven-year-old Ronnie, who desperately hungers for the taste of cranberries, or Andre Dubois, a traveler who ignores the gypsy’s warning and ventures into the wrong neck of the woods.

    What happens to Nexie Wells when she’s confronted with the yesterdays that bleed into the present? And glimpse the events that led to the Mad Scotsman’s curse upon the town of Seven Troughs.

    This collection of ten short tales by L.F. Falconer is sure to appeal to your darker side, so come take a look. Don’t be shy. Discover for yourself what lies in wait behind the broken window.

    About L. F. Falconer:

    L. F. Falconer
    L. F. Falconer

    A maverick with a pen, Nevada author L.F. Falconer’s powerful, page-turning style of dark fantasy has been consistently praised as both “gripping” and “captivating.” Skillful character-based artistry fuses magic and the supernatural with reality to bring her audience a unique reading experience.

    When she wants to relax, Falconer enjoys gardening (a true desert challenge), oil painting, and exploring the Nevada desert and old mining camps.

    “I’ve always found magic in the written word. When I write, I don’t know that I embrace any particular genre. If I get caught in an inspiration, I tend to just run with it. To me, a great story is all about the characters. I love to read for character, and I believe I write that way, too.”

    Review by AvidAbbie:

    Ronnie, who knows he must be good until Christmas. If he isn’t good, Santa won’t bring his presents. He tries to keep the cranberry cravings at bay…

    “Her tiny little neck, so skinny in its frailty, trying to hold up her big bobbling head, and maybe her big bobbling head just might pop right off in his hands!


    A married man spends his last moments on earth.

    “The face of Death wears no disguise.”

    My top three favourite stories are “Christmas Cranberries”, “Mother May I?”, and “The Plowman”

    I enjoy a variety of short and long stories, and these are the perfect combination, with some spanning a mere two pages each, and up to 73 pages long. Whatever you like, this book has it, well, except for a happy ending. Some of them end quite ominously, and lets your imagination explore the whys and the hows of what the hell has just happened.

    This book has given me the creeps, if it doesn’t give you them… Go seek help.

    These stories are exactly what it says on the cover. TALES OF THE STRANGE AND THE DERANGED.

    The only thing I don’t like is that they are all set in the same writing style, which gets a little boring after a few stories.

    I would definitely recommend for you to read if you like short and long stories, and of course creepy tales.

    Review by Lance T. Carney:

    These ten well written short stories are billed as strange and deranged and they do not disappoint. One of my favorites “Christmas Cranberries” intrigued me, made me uncomfortable, and as a father with a son, made me shudder. Three of the tales are short but powerful. Once I realized they were over, I felt the need to read them again to make sure I caught every detail.

    The author is from Nevada and the stories revolving around the desert reeled me into the terrain and made me experience the beauty and the terror. “When the Horseman Comes to Town” is a spooky fireside tale come to life. Another favorite “Mother May I?” is a twisted tale of a mother trying to keep a bed and breakfast going in a dying town despite her daughter’s rebellion. The twist at the end really shocked me!

    The longest story “The Devil of Desatoya” follows private investigators as they investigate two Navy pilots who crashed in Coyote Canyon under mysterious circumstances. It starts as a hard-boiled detective novel and ends with a supernatural flourish.

    So, if you dare, enter “Through a Broken Window.” You will not be disappointed.