This Plague of Days. Season 2 by Robert Chazz Chute

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    “This reads like your favorite zombie TV show, only without commercials and censors. Be warned: You can’t read just one episode!” ~ Author of the Dying Days Zombie Series, Armand Rosamilia

    The war for the future continues with the most unlikely hero ever: it’s one enigmatic, autistic boy versus the end of the world.

    The terror began when the world flu pandemic killed millions. Sutr-X mutated into Sutr-Z, as in zombies. As Europe falls to the infected, a virologist and a tiny band of refugees flee London to stop a bio-terrorist’s attack on America. But the Sutr virus is still mutating and new perils await.

    In Missouri, the Spencer family’s home is destroyed after a long siege. To survive, they must travel east to find a haven, safe from looters and marauders. Humans can be just as dangerous to each other as an invasion of raging cannibals, but a new strain of the virus unleashes something more powerful than zombies on the United States.

    What’s worse than zombies? Find out in Season 2 of This Plague of Days.

    About Robert Chazz Chute:

    Robert Chazz Chute
    Robert Chazz Chute

    I write horror, suspense, crime novels and some non-fiction. I love twisted and twisty stories with gut-punch endings. My influences are William Goldman, Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk and Kurt Vonnegut. The author of ten books, I’m a former newspaper journalist, magazine columnist and award winning writer. My bunker office is under a volcano somewhere in the Canadian Shield guarded by a clone army of ninja monkey assassins.

    When I’m not writing, I host the All That Chazz podcast and the Cool People Podcast. I prefer verisimilitude to reality. To improve chances of happiness, pull a book over your head.

    A Message from Robert Chazz Chute: 

    If you don’t care for cliffhangers, surprises and an enigmatic hero on the autistic spectrum, this isn’t for you. There are jokes and the weirdest Table of Contents of clues ever, but don’t stick around for that if the z-word scares you off. The virus has evolved and it doesn’t tolerate people who aren’t in the tribe.

    However, if you read the sample and this is the flavor of neural fudge cake you dig, welcome to my secret treehouse club, sisters and brothers!

    It’s storming outside.Throw another log on the fire. The real-world killer flu will be here soon, anyway, so forget the dishes and all your worries. Snuggle under a cozy blanket. I’ll meet you in the Mindscape with a fresh basket of dreadful frets from the Suspenseful Horrors Boutique. It’s just down the street from The Last Cafe.

    You’ll find out what I’m talking about soon, but by then it will be too late for us all, the trees will speak and mimes will be strangled.

    Best wishes to you, dear reader, for what little good that will do.