Thin Places by Diane Owens Prettyman

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    Told from two point of views, Thin Places is the story of an ex-con and the daughter of an executed man. Finn Tully is clean, sober and on the downside of a prison term when he reluctantly makes a promise to a soon-to-be executed man. He agrees to find the man’s daughter and prove his innocence to her. The daughter, Chloe, a tough, no-nonsense charter fishing boat captain in Washington state, needs money, strikes a deal with the very man who framed her father and begins smuggling liquor from Washington to Canada. Tully and his mother travel to Washington, find Chloe, and realize she is in danger. The three of them enlist the Coast Guard to trap the man responsible for Chloe’s father’s death. In a dangerous face-off, they uncover the truth behind the murder of a virtuous man and encounter the deadly efforts of two bikers to conceal it.