The Tangled Web by J. P. Lane

The Tangled Web by J. P. Lane Purchase:

    Magnificent, Riveting and Suspenseful

    THERE’S TROUBLE in paradise – as investigative reporter Lauren Anderson discovers when she finds herself on the trail of a major story involving an island government’s ties to drug cartels.

    While pursuing the story, Lauren interviews a well-connected member of the island elite, Logan Armstrong, in the hope that he might throw more light on the subject. But with Armstrong’s brother-in-law being one of the suspects, Lauren is not sure if Armstrong can be trusted.

    As Lauren digs deeper, she starts to uncover an international conspiracy involving drug trafficking, hired assassins and deadly political plots. A spark ignites when Lauren and Logan meet, but with the stakes so high, will it ever do more than smolder?

    Review by Aaron P. Lazar:

    J. P. Lane
    J. P. Lane

    The Tangled Web is a fast paced and well told international thriller. I know I’m dating myself, but Ms. Lane’s book reminds me of Helen McInnes’s wonderful espionage thrillers that I used to read back in the seventies when I was in college. (Ms McInnes’s books were in fact written in the second half of the last century, and I stumbled upon them in my parents’ piles of books along with Agatha Christie, Rex Stout and John D. MacDonald.)

    I was hooked from the start by the exotic setting(s), international verbage/dialects, and the fast paced spy-novel type thrills that run rampant in The Tangled Web.

    Ms. Lane’s thriller is set primarily on a Caribbean island, replete with tropical lush scene painting and intriguing local color. The characters who hail from the island range in character and style from rich white landowners to the delightful housekeeper, Ivy, who was one of my favorite (albeit minor) characters.

    The dialog felt genuine, as did the frustration experienced by main characters Logan Armstrong (international tycoon) and Lauren Anderson (journalist) as they plummeted through this adventure without being able to fully communicate their feelings or intentions until the very end.

    I won’t rehash the plot here–since so many others have done so very thoroughly–but suffice it to say there is great treachery ongoing in the Caribbean political scenes behind the bright and touristy island of blue oceans and heady-scented flowers. The Prime Minister has become corrupt, putting his island’s future in peril due to his links with the drug cartels and his own selfish purposes. Two plots interweave to assassinate this monster-one driven by a truly frightening cartel head, Maria Echevarria, and the other by well-meaning government officials who know that the Prime Minister must go.

    I enjoyed this romp across the globe: from New York to London, from Prague to the Caribbean, it held my interest throughout. Well done, Ms. Lane!