The Swords of Babylon by David Leadbeater

The Swords of Babylon by David Leadbeater Purchase:

    A last stand is coming – a battle of battles.

    Matt Drake and the SPEAR team return in a brand new action-packed adventure!

    When Drake is captured and sent to a remote Russian prison, little does he know that the last remaining member of the Shadow Elite has already set in motion a reckless, uncompromising plan to control or destroy all life on Earth.

    The battle for the survival of the human race begins in ancient Babylon, where Alexander the Great discovered and warned of a second way to activate Odin’s doomsday device. His solution was to forge seven swords of Babylon and connect them to the Tower of Babel. Drake’s team enter a deadly race to find and discover how to use these swords to combat the catastrophically powerful weapon of the gods before it’s too late. If they fail and the doomsday device is activated, the world will burn.

    Through high camaraderie, betrayal, and endless twists and turns, the team launch a rescue attempt for Drake, then face skirmishes in Russia’s Red Square, and fights among the ruins of Babylon until they come to a final desperate battle where all three tombs and the darkest black hole in existence – the ancient Pit of Babylon – have to be assaulted simultaneously.

    The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

    David Leadbeater
    David Leadbeater

    Review by Dav-176:

    I love the Matt Drake books. Everyone is a solid gold read. Plenty of action and the continuity of character development makes for great reading. The author really pulls you in, and you are absorbed into the novel. I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys such authors as Clive Custler or Wilbur Smith.

    Review by William C. Jones:

    David Leadbeater once again kept me on the “edge of my seat” with Matt Drake 6. All the characters live up to their reputation as the best of the best. The new SPEAR team is tested to the limit, yet they prevail. This is a good, fun and exciting read.