The Stone Killer by Dreamah Lockwood

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    Excellent read. The plot was extremely intriguing with all the twists and turns. All the characters seemed real and the book was hard to put down.

    What do you do when a murder victim refuses to stay dead?  When Colorado Springs Homicide Detective Lieutenant Jonas Black and his partner, Detective Sergeant Esperanza Ortiz, go to notify the next of kin of their murder victim, Marilyn Heddrix, they are stunned to see a duplicate of the woman standing before them.  Morgan Jansen already knows her identical twin is in trouble and injured.  But, she is not prepared to hear that her sister has been violently murdered.

    We have to account for the life we live.  As body after body is found, Marilyn returns to haunt her sister, Morgan, and offer snippets of information about another victim.  But, she can’t identify the killer or tell when or where he will strike again.

    Morgan is shocked by the sudden appearances of her twin, and Marilyn’s intense demands that she pass on the provided information to the detective.  How can Morgan convey information to Lieutenant Black without sounding crazy, especially since she finds him so sexually attractive?

    And when she does supply the information about other victims, he is forced to wonder if Morgan is either a little nuts or involved in her sister’s murder.

    As the attraction between Jonas and Morgan grows, they begin the hunt for a serial killer determined to dish out his own form of punishment to those he has condemned to die.

    About Dreamah Lockwood:

    Dreamah Lockwood
    Dreamah Lockwood

    Dreamah H. Lockwood is the pseudonym for Sunny L. and Pat Ross  We love to read and especially write books with an unusual twist.  We are using the name Dreamah H. Lockwood as a memorial to our sister who died in 2012.  We have been writing as a team for several years and A CIRCLE OF MURDERS is our first work submitted for e-publishing.  We write romantic suspense and paranormal romantic crime thriller.  CREATING KATHRYN CROWN is our second book.

    THE STONE KILLER is our third novel and is the first book in the Jonas Black/Morgan Jansen series.  It is available now at

    My sister lives in Kentucky, and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  If you have any questions for us, please e-mail us at, or at out web site to leave a comment.  Visit our blog at

    Review by Carol Bishop: Fascinating book. Very gripping. I was captured from page one! Read the book in two sittings. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters of Morgan & Marilyn, twin sisters with a special bond. The book allows you to meet each character and get caught up in their lives.

    Review by Maryann Perriello:

    Excellent read. The plot was extremely intriguing with all the twists and turns. All the characters seemed real and the book was hard to put down. Patiently awaiting the next book of this series.

    Hope to find more of this author’s work on the shelves soon. This book was sent as a gift. Have shared all books written by this author with friends and family.

    Review by Sandy:

    Wow! Just finished The Stone Killer. I read the first two novels by Dreamah H. Lockwood and was very pleased with them. The Stone Killer is the best one yet.

    Filled with intrigue and twists and turns that lead you to believe the villain is someone that it is not. Very well thought out. I highly recommend this latest effort by Dreamah H. Lockwood.