The Song of the Partisans by Kathryn Gauci

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From USA TODAY Bestselling author, Kathryn Gauci, comes a gripping and emotional story of wartime France.

“When she closed her eyes, the faces of those she had killed, surfaced like a grotesque scene from a Gothic novel. She had blood on her hands, and it could never be washed away.”

April 1944, Paris: Simone Guillot is ordered to shoot a collaborator before being sent to work with the Resistance in Reims, 150 Km to the east.

Travelling under a new identity, she takes a position as a nurse/companion to the elderly matriarch of a renowned Champagne House, sympathetic to the Resistance.

The Allied invasion of mainland Europe is expected any day. As Frenchmen and women of the Maquis stockpile weapons and explosives in readiness for D-day, the Wehrmacht and Gestapo redouble their efforts to identify the ‘terrorists’ and stamp out the Resistance.

Trained as a saboteur and sniper, Simone is forced to kill again, not once but several times.

When she is assigned one final, near impossible mission, she finds herself trapped in a deadly cat and mouse game with a high-ranking German officer.

Can she kill again – in cold blood his time?

Kathryn Gauci

Meet Kathryn Gauci:

Kathryn Gauci was born in Leicestershire, England, and studied textile design at Loughborough College of Art and later at Kidderminster College of Art and Design where she specialised in carpet design and technology.

After graduating, Kathryn spent a year in Vienna, Austria before moving to Greece where she worked as a carpet designer in Athens for six years.

She now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Her Website is

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