The Revelation Effect by Stephen Woodfin

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    What makes your spine tingle?

    CHRISTIAN ZEALOTS resort to acts of terrorism as they seek to destabilize the United States government in this fast-paced legal thriller by attorney-author Stephen Woodfin.

    The body count grows as faith and politics collide.

    THE REVELATION EFFECT is the final installment in Woodfin’s series which began with LAST ONE CHOSEN and continued with NEXT BEST HOPE.


    What scares you? What makes your spine tingle? Ghosties? Ghoulies? Long-legged beasties? Things that go bump in the night?

    Stephen Woodfin found my special kind of terror. People who wish to impose their beliefs on me and will resort to any kind of terror to accomplish their ends. Yes, we live in the kind of times that hold a special terror for me, and Woodfin has found a unique way of examining it.

    Stephen Woodfin
    Stephen Woodfin

    He drives his story into the troubled waters of religious fanaticism and expertly avoids the shoals of prejudice by employing religious extremists of the Christian rather than the Muslim persuasion. Somehow this makes me feel more vulnerable. I guess it’s because there are so many more of them around and it’s easy to see how they might infiltrate our defenses more easily than foreign-born terrorists.

    After these extremists have failed in their attempt to seize control of the government by decapitating it (see Next Best Hope, book 2) they resort to terrorism to further their cause in this, the final volume of the Revelation Trilogy.

    “Righteous Avengers” frighteningly resembling the Posse Comitatus, succeed in destroying a commercial airliner as well as kidnapping prominent celebrities and attempt assassinations of persons close to the President, all acts which have become all too familiar in recent history. How will the President and his agents identify and neutralize the perpetrators? Will they be successful? These are questions that we still are waiting to answer in reality.

    Maybe the author of the Revelation Effect has some good ideas. At the very least, he can give us hope that we will.