The Reawakening by Joseph Souza

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    The Reawakening is one of the best horror sci-fi novels to come out in a long time.

    A series of terrible things begin to happen when a scientist with a dark past resumes his genetic experiments in a small Maine town. The animals suddenly become aggressive for no apparent reason, attacking anyone within sight, including Rick’s wife.

    After slaughtering his diseased herd, Rick realizes to his horror that they have come back to life. Soon the farm is under siege by the deranged animals, and a small group of refugees who have assembled in the farmhouse must hunker down and defend themselves against the terrible onslaught of cannibals.

    The entire town soon becomes filled with the human flesh-eaters, threatening the farmhouse and the survivors within it. But they all have the same message before they reawaken: they are seeking the chosen ones. The onset of winter provides a temporary defense against the army of the dead, but with supplies running low, the survivors realize they must formulate a plan before the arrival of spring and the dreaded melt-off.

    And as the world outside them descends into total madness, a surprising leader emerges from the group who will hopefully lead them to safety.

    Review by Glen Books:

    Joseph Souza
    Joseph Souza

    Bostonian writer, Thom Swiftly has a problem: his teenage daughter, Dar, is troubled as she approaches maturity. Concerned about her mood, Thom takes her with him on a trip north to visit his brother Rick, hoping that a visit to rural Maine will help her gain perspective on her changing life. The trip turns out to be a visit to hell.

    Instead of peaceful countryside, they encounter a land infested by a viral, rabies-like plague that infects the brain. Mysteriously the victim first experiences a view of a blissful afterlife that awaits arrival of the “Chosen Ones.”

    Then the virus takes over, confining the victim’s consciousness to helpless witnessing of the virus-controlled body’s horrific actions. As rabies produces an unquenchable thirst for water, this virus produces an insatiable hunger for flesh. And a single bite infects a new victim.

    Social order is overwhelmed. Thom, Dar and Rick must kill attacking victims to protect their own lives and possibly their souls. Traumatized by the terrible events, Dar transforms into a killing machine, raising in Thom’s mind the question of whether she has become one of the Chosen Ones fulfilling a destiny to release tortured captive souls or a homicidal maniac unfit to live in a civilized world– if such a world should ever be regained.

    A great read, filled with hard-to-put-down, non-stop action.

    Review by thebeav:

    The Reawakening is one of the best horror sci-fi novels to come out in a long time. The unique take on the horrors of genetic engineering and how it leads to dead animals and humans coming back to life is both a refreshing take on a zombie apocalypse and a unique twist to a horror phenomenon.

    This novel is not just a chase and gore fest zombie apocalypse but it actually has real depth as some of the characters, faced with these horrors, actually themselves change and grow despite the growing chaos around them. Dar, one of the main characters goes from a malcontent 17 years old with depression issues to an 18 year old who happens to find her calling in life as a zombie killer.

    The power dynamics between her and her father are fascinating as the previous world he was an important person but then rendered practically powerless in the new world order where as Dar became more powerful and hence dominated him, completing an interesting role reversal. This novel has twists and turns that never could have been expected. I could not recommend this novel enough for you horror sci-fi fans or for anyone who has an interest in well crafted stories that are unique and well written.