The Magic of Love by Roger D. Grubbs

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    A book full of tenderness with insight into the music industry and its darker side, yet maintaining the magic of love and music, intertwined with drama.

    A simple dance between a young boy and girl grows into much more. At a school gala, Cupid has drawn back the bow and sent it’s arrow through the hearts of the two unsuspecting youngsters. For a girl of nine, this was magic; and she was a fairy princess at a glamorous ball.

    Fast forward to Charity Lane’s eighteenth birthday; and we find the couple still together, planning their future. Inseparable as friends with a hint of romance in the beginning, this union had evolved into a steamy relationship, one the young lady was determined to not let get out of hand, at least until they were married.

    Shortly after graduation, Charity Lane was in for another big surprise, one Jimmy Parker, her boyfriend, encouraged. Unaware of how talented she really was, Charity finally agreed to perform in local concerts. After all, she loved music, the money was good, and this would help pay for college. So, why not?

    Surprisingly, this was only the beginning of a roller coaster ride of drama that sent both her career and love life spiraling out of control. Yet, her mother, Susan was her rock and comfort throughout all the turmoil. She too was a talented singer in her youth, but had given up her music to raise a family. Now she was determined to help her daughter fulfill her dreams because she still believed in The Magic of Love!

    About Roger D. Grubbs:

    Roger D. Grubbs
    Roger D. Grubbs

    Roger D. Grubbs, the author of The Exciting World of Self Publishing, has written more than 56 books to date with 54 Best Sellers. He has been in the publishing business since 1979 when he started Market Consultants as a market analyst. His writings have become a standard of excellence in the field of newsletter publications for more than three decades. From its beginning Roger’s publishing company has set the pace among his peers, quickly rising to the top of his field.

    As a well respected business executive, he has been chosen as the recipient of numerous outstanding awards, including Who’s-Who among company executives! His advice has been featured in two major magazines on numerous occasions, recognizing his authority on the subject of marketing.

    Upon graduating from Auburn University in 1971, Roger set out to build his own companies. In 2008 Roger made his debut in the exhilarating field of fiction as a novelist. From the very beginning he was determined to give his readers something exciting and entertaining to read. He refuses to bore his readers, and anyone who has read his creations will agree with him. Choosing to enter as many genres as possible with at least one novel for each age group, Roger continues to crank out those stories at an amazing rate. The Mystery of the Mummy was written in six days and was chosen as Top Pick among suspense fans at Midwest Book Review.

    Roger’s years of writing experience have not only included newsletter publications, but he has also excelled as a copywriter for Fortune 500 Companies. Experience like this has earned Roger the honor of being a top Direct Mail Marketing Professional. With expertise as a market analyst, Roger has a diverse background. Recently he appeared on the Dottie Laster Show called Trafficked to bring awareness to the global problem of human trafficking which is the fastest growing crime in the world. Later he also appeared on The Jimmy Star Show as a guest. This syndicated radio program is broadcast to 155 countries!

    Review by Jean Aldon:

    A book full of tenderness with insight into the music industry and its darker side, yet maintaining the magic of love and music, intertwined with drama. Recommended.