The Last Victim by Jordan Dane

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    This book is filled with a lot of emotional angst, and there even is a touch of romance. It is filled with gut wrenching sadness as Ryker knows the killer still has his latest victim holed up somewhere and it is a rush to find him before he is a statistic.

    When he sleeps, the hunt begins.

    After a young hunting guide from a remote island in Alaska is found brutally murdered, his naked body is discovered in the Cascade Mountains outside Seattle—the shocking pinnacle to a grisly Totem of body parts. Nathan Applewhite is the fourteenth victim of a cunning serial killer who targets and stalks young men.

    With the body count escalating, FBI profiler Ryker Townsend and his specialized team investigate the gruesome crime scene. They find no reason for Nate to have mysteriously vanished from his isolated home in Alaska before he ended up in the hands of a sadist, who has been taunting Ryker and his team in a sinister game of ‘catch me if you can.’

    But Townsend has a secret he won’t share with anyone—not even his own team—that sets him on the trail of a ruthless psychopath, alone. The intuitive FBI profiler is plagued by recurring nightmares—seen through Nate’s dead eyes—that slowly chips away at his mental stability. Is he burning out and losing his mind—becoming unfit for duty—or is the last victim reaching out to him from the grave?

    Townsend sees horrific flashes of memory, imprinted on the retinas of a dead man, the last image Applewhite saw when he died. Ryker must piece together the fragments. Each nightmarish clue brings him closer to a killer who knows how to hide in plain sight and will see him coming, but when the dead man has the skills of a hunting guide, he has the perfect ally to track down a killer—the last victim.

    Review by Adam James:

    Jordan Dane
    Jordan Dane

    Couldn’t put this one down. I’m telling ya! It’s a real burner with a bunch of new twists: Story. Characters. Mystery. Thrills. Creeped me out. BIGTIME! Yikes. This one you’ll want to reread the second you finish.

    I’m sitting there shaking my head and wondering, “How’d she do that?” Thanks for a great read, J.D.

    That’s all I’m going to tell ya. You just gotta read it for yourself . Heh. Heh. Then you’ll know.

    Review by Loraine Oliver:

    The Last Victim is a new category of books for me to read, and I really liked it. This book from the beginning had me totally engrossed, and I did not want to stop reading at night, it was too good to stop reading it! It kept me glued to the pages, while I was gripping my pillow, or cat, or whatever was available.

    FBI Profiler Ryker Townsend is the lead person on this case. Up to this point 14 bodies have been found, and the latest victim has been found atop a pole of body parts, whole, unlike any of the other victims. The puzzling part is the pole of victims has been found in the Mountains, near Seattle, Washington, yet the latest victim is from Alaska.

    He was a hunting guide and lived on a remote island in Alaska and to have been victimized and brutally murdered and then placed upon the top of the pole, is very disturbing. All of the victims being young men, in their mid twenties, Nathan Applewhite (victim) is the latest. Ryker and his team have been trying to find the person responsible, so they take a trip to Alaska to see what they can find out after viewing the pole and Ryker stays and sends his team home, as he has something he needs to do while there.

    What his team or anybody for that matter does not know is that Ryker dreams of these victims and it is like the dead speak to him in nightmares and Nathan the latest victim is the worst of all. Ryker, when he sees the pole and Nathan at the top, gets a gut feeling. He needs to know more about this victim and how he lived to try to find anything to help the case.

    Being psychic puts Ryker in a vulnerable position as he knows that if the FBI finds out they may not want him working anymore or try to help him and all Ryker has is this job-it is his life, and he sees what happens through the victims talking to him in his dream while he relives their horror and death at the hands of this psychopath. It has gotten so bad with this last victim, Ryker starts questioning his own sanity.

    While in Seattle with the team, and when he is looking at the pole of death, he feels the killer watching him! What will happen and how will he be able to bring this crazy sadistic killer down, or will he be the one to become this killer’s last victim? It is now very personal as the killer has attached a note to the tree pole addressed to Ryker!

    This book is filled with surprise after surprise, and there is no way to predict the end. This book had me guessing and I thought I had it all figured out until the last part when a big twist in the plot changed everything I thought I knew! This book is filled with a lot of emotional angst, and there even is a touch of romance. It is filled with gut wrenching sadness as Ryker knows the killer still has his latest victim holed up somewhere and it is a rush to find him before he is a statistic along with Ryker!

    Do yourself a favor and read this book! But be prepared to want to read it all in one sitting, and make sure you have tissues close at hand. The thing that had me dwelling on this book the most though, is that sometimes fiction can actually be closer to the truth than we may know!

    I gave this book 5***** stars and plan to see what else I can get to read now that I have discovered a new genre of books to me! ,