The Julius House by Charlaine Harris

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    This is a mystery that includes a little romance, a little humor, and lots of puzzles

    Love at first sight turns into newlywed bliss for former librarian Aurora Teagarden-until violence cuts the honeymoon short. Wealthy businessman Martin Bartell gives Roe exactly what she wants for their wedding: Julius House.

    But both the house and Martin come with murky pasts. And when Roe is attacked by an ax-wielding maniac, she realizes that the secrets inside her four walls – and her brand-new marriage – could destroy her.

    Review by Cindy:

    Thank you Charlaine Harris for creating these stories for me to submerge in to. I enjoy your characters and appreciate sharing their lives without having to give advice or listen to their problems. I LOVE being in total control of my visits with them and that makes our times together most enjoyable!

    Review by Linda:

    Charlaine Harris
    Charlaine Harris

    I read most of the books in this series when they were first published. It is a treat to hear them as audio books years later.

 I have read books from other series written by Charlaine Harris, but Aurora has remained my favorite character.

    As the series progressed, Aurora matured and progressed as a character. I believe that is one of the reasons she seems “real” to me, and I’ve never tired of her. 

In this book Aurora has married, and found her “dream house”. However both her marriage and the house include a few nightmares that she hadn’t expected. This is the story of how she deals with those nightmares.

    Ms. Harris populates her books with interesting and unique characters, many of whom show up in later books. This book is the first appearance on the Shelby and Angel Youngblood. I hesitate to write much about them because I don’t want to include any “spoilers.” I will just say I find them unique and fascinating.

    Narrator Therese Plummer is superb. Her work added so much to my enjoyment of the story.

This is a mystery that includes a little romance, a little humor, and lots of puzzles. If’ I’d had the time I could easily have listened to the entire book in one sitting. It was great fun to listen to, and I was sad when the end came. I intend to “revisit” all the books in this series.