The Illusion of Annabella by Jessica Sorensen

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    Jessica has an AMAZING gift creating stories and sucking her readers in making them feel all the emotions of her characters she creates. She always takes you on a journey.

    Annabella Baker has always lived a normal life with a loving family. She had dreams of going to college and becoming a dancer. But the summer before her senior year, the life she knew is ripped away from her, and she’s left wondering if it ever really existed in the first place.

    Six months later, Annabella is living an entirely different life. The loving family she had no longer exists, and the girl who dreamed of being a dancer can barely walk. She spends most of her time getting into trouble and living in denial over what happened. One night she takes things one step too far and is left dealing with the consequences.

    Put under house arrest, Annabella can no longer run away from her problems. With the help of her cute, sweet neighbor, Luca Benton, she rediscovers the girl she used to be, and finally learns the truth about what really happened that horrible day that changed her life forever.

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    Jessica Sorensen
    Jessica Sorensen

    Jessica has an AMAZING gift creating stories and sucking her readers in making them feel all the emotions of her characters she creates. She always takes you on a journey……

    Annabella loves her life she has an amazing family, lives to dance, her out look on life is still filled with unicorns, rainbows and glitter. She’s considered a bright star to all that know her. Until one day it was all taken away.

    Review by Jennifer H.

    What would you do if your life and everything you believed to be true changed in a blink of an eye??

    Well that’s exactly what happened to Annabella Baker.  She not only found out a secret about her mom, but was also in a tragic car accident that claimed the life of her parents. Stuck in a downward spiral…Annabella makes some really bad choices over the course of several months.

    The Illusion of Annabella is a story about loss, grief, anger, and learning to overcome all of those things.

    I know when I pick up a Jessica Sorensen book that I am in for a heartfelt emotional YA book. Jessica is amazing at giving us tortured heroines in her stories, but she is also amazing at giving us FABULOUS Heroes to fall in love with.

    I thought this story was an accurate tale of what could happen to a seventeen year old girl who has just had her whole world turned upside down, but also how it effects the people around her as well. This book proves that when you make adult choices, there are adult consequences to go along with those choices. Also you need to think of the other people in your life before making those choices because it will essentially effect them as well.

    I enjoyed this book but I will say it didn’t WOW me. I thought it was a little on the long side. There were things I thought could’ve been left out and still the story would’ve had the same impact on the reader. There was a scene that happened towards the end of the book that I wish would’ve happened earlier….it would’ve spiced up the book a little sooner. I also would’ve liked to see how Annabella’s life turned out after the end of the book. Maybe through an epilogue or by cutting out some of the middle and putting more chapters at the end after her revelation. But that’s just me…I’m sure many of you will love the book just as it is.

    Annabella was truly a tortured soul. She carried the weight of her mom’s secret on her shoulders and didn’t know what to do with it. She also had to carry the weight of being the only survivor in the car accident. I don’t condone the decisions she made but I can’t say that I blame her. I’m not sure how a situation like this would effect me.

    I did roll my eyes a couple times regarding Annabella….I wanted to smack her upside the head a couple times too. She had this family who she could turn to and lean on, because they were going through the similar situation, yet she pushed them away and shut them out. I was glad that she met Luca (her cute next door neighbor). He was able to open her up and bring her back to life.

    But he did it in a way that she didn’t see what was happening until she had her revelation!! Luca….He was great. So patient and kind. He also had some serious family issues, but I think that helped him in understanding Annabella and helping her cope with things.

    The Illusion of Annabella is a Stand-alone novel, but is the first book in the Honeyton Series. Each of the siblings in this book, will be getting their own story as well. This book truly does show you how secrets and lies can destroy a person and those around her. If you are a fan of Jessica’s then you don’t want to miss this book!!!!