The Enchanted Land by Jude Deveraux

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    Every book Jude Deveraux writes is special!

    A woman who could not be conquered . . .

    A love that was never forsaken . . .

    A land that will not be forgotten . . .

    For beautiful Morgan Wakefield, the enchanted land is the ranch in New Mexico her father has left her. But the only way for her to inherit is if she lives there for a year with a husband. And so Morgan proposes a marriage of convenience to a man she just met—handsomely rugged rancher Seth Colter.

    In Seth’s powerful embrace, Morgan discovers a passion she never knew existed, and an unexpected new love blossoms between them. But devastating challenges and betrayal conspire against these lovers, and they will have to fight for a future together on this wild, enchanted land.

    Amazon Review by Kelly:

    Jude Deveraux
    Jude Deveraux

    I can’t believe Jude Deveraux. She is one of my top authors, and everytime that I read one of her books, I am amazed once again at the sheer genius of her writing power. It is impossible to read one of her books without being involved in it and moved. The Enchanted Land is no exception, and I am once more awed by the power of her skills.

    Morgan Wakefeild’s got a problem. Her rich father, whom is recently deceased has left everything from his life to her… on one condition. She has to marry a man and live in New Mexico for a year to inherit it all. This is big trouble for Morgan because, ever since she was one years old, she lived with her mother in a house with little contact to the outside world. When her mother died, Morgan went to her uncle to live. Morgan’s uncle was a very greedy man, and when he heard about the will, he figures that if Morgan doesn’t marry, he will get the money. So, he hides her beauty beneath baggy clothes and keeps her hidden from society.

    At one of Morgan’s rare outings, a couple days before a prolonged trip to Europe, Morgan hears a group of two women talking about Seth Coulter. He’s got a ranch in New Mexico. This seems an answer to Morgan’s prayers. She aproaches Seth and offers him twenty five thousand dollars to marry her. Seth is amused and attracted to this strange little girl and decides to accept her offer. The two journey on to New Mexico.

    A love blossoms between these two amidst the backdrop of an enchanted land. But, fate seems to feel that they must fight for their love, so it interveens. Jealousy, lies, and fate makes them enemies. Can destiny and love prevail?

    The Enchanted Land is a must read for any reader who enjoys reading about the American frontier. I always love a break from the lords and ladies of England. Sure, America isn’t always the most original, but I still love it as do many other readers.

    Jude Deveraux has a funny way of filling her books full of historical detail without taking away the enjoyment and romance factors. Morgan was a lovely heroine. I loved the fact that she was beautiful, but it’s not rubbed into the reader’s face. It’s more of a decision that the reader has to make for herself. Seth was the guy that you want to punch. I’ve got to agree with another reader that Jude’s style in this book was very similar to Judith McNaught’s. Seth was the man that you want to scream at so he can get over his blindness. I loved him, though. And he does make up for his blindness.

    New Mexico was such an interesting setting, and Jude Deveraux makes it come alive for the reader. I could feel the heat, and I was caught up in the world she wrote for us. A word of caution out there for people, though. There is a bit of seperation that the hero and heroine go through. And, there is a guy who tries to get Morgan’s heart that isn’t Seth. But, it’s still an awesome book, and I loved it completely.