The Drone Wars by Frederick Lee Brooke

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    The Drone Wars is all totally believable, and therefore very frightening. And by keeping the focus on the emotional life of poor Matt Carney, a truly remarkable young man, Brooke keeps the reader glued to the page. Or the Kindle.

    Matt Carney has nailed every mission underground guerrilla organization March22 has given him, beating the odds time after time. But when he gets his new assignment, he quickly sees his chances of success dwindling to zero.

    Find the man, they tell him. Except the man he is supposed to find is at the top of Homeland Security’s Most Wanted list, an expert at escape and deception. Stop the man, they tell him. Except the man he’s supposed to stop is plotting the murder of millions of Americans in a sociopathic quest for a new social order. …and this man, the one they want him to find and stop, is his own father.

    Malls, airports and factories erupt in pillars of fire, thousands die, and cities teeter on the brink of collapse as Matt and his twin brother, Luke, fight to stop a man on an apocalyptic quest to obtain the final piece of his deranged puzzle—a piece that will allow him to put into motion his plans for the complete annihilation of the United States. 120,000 dead.

    Entire cities devastated. The country a hair’s breadth from a fate worse than death. Can Matt and Luke stop this nightmare before the world as they know it comes to a devastating end?

    Review by Scott Bury:

    Frederick Lee Brooke
    Frederick Lee Brooke

    Riveting, un-put-downable, lightning fast – Brooke’s concluding volume in the Drone Wars is compelling for so many reasons.

    First is the all-too-plausible premise, of a United States society completely out of control. Just six years in the future, drones – those little robotic helicopters – are as ubiquitous as mobile phones are today. This leads to an unprecedented but totally believable level of surveillance of American society, not only by Homeland Security but also by everybody on everybody else.

    American society is also deeply divided, and following the splintering of US political parties and the evolution of the NRA into an actual party, there’s a series of assassinations of successive presidents. Who could have foreseen that?

    Predictably, this makes Homeland Security even more paranoid, and they become a destructive force, confiscating property and jailing citizens without trial at will. Meanwhile, militias – criminal gangs, really, with pretensions – take over distribution of food, pharmaceuticals and liquor, and paralyze transportation by shooting down passenger airplanes, forcing the cancellation of all civil aviation. At the same time, the gangs set up road checkpoints, and the military seems powerless against them – largely because they’ve been co-opted.

    But Brooke’s success lies in his ability to make this story personal. We see the Drone Wars through the eyes of Matt Carney, the son of a revolutionary who not only started the terrorism but is also working to end it and restore the much vaunted US system of rights. There are so many levels of this story, and so many twists in the plot, it’s impossible to cover them. I don’t think I could even remember all of them.

    But it’s all totally believable, and therefore very frightening. And by keeping the focus on the emotional life of poor Matt Carney, a truly remarkable young man, Brooke keeps the reader glued to the page. Or the Kindle.

    Review by Believer:

    The Drone Wars the third novel in a mesmerizing and fast-paced series that keeps you on the edge of your seat begins when John Carney a former leader of March 22 who wants to annihilate corruption in the nation by decimating its infrastructure, escapes from lockup. Luke Carney tasks his twin brother Matt and Sander McIntyre to find and talk sense into him before he destroys March 22’s new political image. But in a race against time as Matt, his girlfriend Raine, and Sander chase his father and co-conspirator Brett Chandler across country, John Carney unleashes a destructive rampage murdering March22 leaders who disagree with his plan, and inflicting deadly fear by killing thousands in random Hellfire missile attacks.

    Set in the violence and mayhem of a nation where Homeland Security to wipeout the power and control of the militias has expanded their surveillance monster, March22 with a goal of bringing justice and freedom back to the land has come out of the shadows forming a new party in the political ring. In a daring raid against the Dark Fibre Militia March22 returned ground-to-air missiles to the government not only boosting their image but opening the way for the start-up of commercial aviation after two years, eliminating highway checkpoints and helping phase-out ration coupons. But John Carney one of the leaders of the March22 organization has gone rogue, posing a lethal threat to the nation.

    This gripping and exciting conclusion to the series not only follows Luke, Matt, Raine and Sander’s desperate attempt to end John Carney’s reign of terror, but an assassination and the hunt for the Dark Fibre leadership. The action never stops with shootouts, bombings and a kidnapping as the author quickly builds suspense and tension that’s only broken by Matt and Luke’s witty banter. In a story filled with violence, death and destruction the emotional intensity is heightened when Matt who yearns for a quiet life with Raine is not only confronted with the consequences of being on the Nation’s Most Wanted list, but also has to face the truth about his parentage and make a decision that could mean killing his father.

    One of the main ingredients in a great story are characters that are realistic, complex and unforgettable. In “The Drone Wars ” there are multiple personalities that add depth and power to the unfolding drama including Matt Carney who’s insecure because of his lack of academic acuity, but continues to be a resourceful, clever leader who constantly survives when faced by incredible odds.

    Committed to his girlfriend Raine and loyal to his family he struggles to reconcile his father’s betrayal with the man who raised him. In contrast snarky Luke Carney who has the “brain of Einstein and the will of a lion” hates his father and misjudges the twin brother he’s grown close to. In Claire Tenneman the pragmatic, logical ex- Dark Fibre leader, Luke finds an affectionate soul-mate but his love is constantly challenged by bouts of jealousy.

    John Carney the rogue March22 leader is egotistical, paranoid and intense, vying for attention with his merciless and heartless acts of aggression. Hiding secrets and continually lying, John will pay any price to get what he wants including sacrificing his sons.

    The Drone Wars is a roller-coaster ride with twists and turns that keep you enthralled until the end. I loved it and will look for other novels by this imaginative and talented author.