The Diva Paints the Town by Krista Davis

The Diva Paints the Town by Krista Davis Purchase:

    It’s cute, sassy, funny, and I never see what’s coming next.

    When Sophie Winston’s neighbor – a reclusive professor – dies, his final wish is for the Domestic Diva to throw a dinner party in his honor, and he’s planned everything down to the letter.

    But what no one planned for is the corpse of a student that Sophie finds in his house…or the mysterious will that shows up asking the question: Did the professor cover up a huge crime?

    Review by Ms. Jessica:

    This series has quickly become one of my favorite mystery/cozy series. I think the Diva Books have the best cast of characters out of all the series in this genre.

    Even the villain, Natasha, is highly entertaining; although she is infuriating, many of the funniest scenes are a result of Natasha’s overall ridiculousness. The Home and Garden show is an interesting backdrop for the book, but the best scenes take place in Sophie’s wonderful neighborhood. Her neighbors/friends are hilarious! I really enjoyed the mystery and did not have it all figured out until the end.

    This book also had an added bonus for me, the starring role of Emmaline, the Pomeranian! I own a Pomeranian, so Emmaline was the icing on the cake for this book.

    Review by Jennifer Rummel:

    Krista Davis
    Krista Davis

    Sophie’s in the middle of organizing decorating show when her elderly next door neighbor dies. He’s a recluse that no one seems to know much about except that he was once an amazing teacher and his home is a decorator’s dream. When Natasha, Sophie’s frenemy, becomes involved, she steamrolls her way into turning the mansion into a show home. While several decorators use their talents in various rooms, tempers flare over both styles and colors used. Plus a mysterious will from the mansion’s owner sets tongues wagging. Did the professor cover up a huge crime?

    When Sophie’s neighbor confesses to killing an old flame, Sophie calls in the police, only to discover the body has simply disappeared. They think she’s crazy but Sophie knows what she saw. Now Nina’s getting phone calls from the deceased’s phone and she’s scared someone saw her. She’s not about to become the next victim so she asks Sophie to help, but how exactly does one investigate without a body?

    My Thoughts: This book is third in a series of adult cozy mysteries. I enjoy this series and this book is no different. It’s cute, sassy, funny, and I never see what’s coming next. I admit to loving Natasha on paper because she’s so crazy and her relationship with Sophie makes the book.

    Review by Avid Mystery Reader:

    This book was very entertaining. I have liked the whole series (and I have read everyone of them so far). I really think that if you have not read the first books in the series (maybe in order), this would not be as amusing. You really need to know and understand the myriad of characters to really enjoy the book. As far as the story goes, a recluse of a neighbor dies and Sophie gets roped into putting on a bequest party for some of the neighbor’s old students (he was a teacher).

    That is only part of the story as one of the ex-students winds up murdered, there are a couple of affairs going on, a female cop gets stabbed to death, and in the background are all the crazy people in the neighborhood, Sophie’s on and off relationship with her cop boyfriend named Wolf, and of course the adventures of the animals including the dead recluse’s dog which inherits everything.

    When I write this out, it does not seem as interesting or fun as it really is but don’t let my poor description deter you. The writing is good, descriptive. The situations are silly and out-there. All in all, I love this series and this book does not disappoint at all.