The Devil’s Graveyards by T. L. Parker

The Devil's Graveyards by T. L. Parker Purchase:

    The writing is superb and the plot is riveting. Action, suspense, love and abuse of power all play a part to drive this fantastic novel.

    A handful of people from across the globe and spanning four centuries, their lives bound together by fate, are guided toward the one thing they all have in common…the island.

    A sultry breeze whispers warnings through the palms as a wounded sixteenth-century settler enters the island’s dark cavern, disturbing ancient secrets. Amid intertwined tendrils of vines growing without sunlight, he finds a mysterious power source which will change his life forever. His prayers are answered until he loses the woman he loves. The gift becomes a curse as he walks the earth alone, haunted by her memory.

    Four hundred years into the future, an aging scientist loses his job, his health, and his wife. Approaching the eventide of life, he dreams of youth and yearns for second chances. When his team discovers the island on an old map, he uses an emerging technology to harness the earth’s energy in an attempt to change the past.

    The island is an eternal curse for some. For others, it is a new beginning. In a world where greed is a constant threat, the love of a beautiful woman must link them together in an adventure that defies the logics of time.

    About T. L. Parker:

    T. L. Parker
    T. L. Parker

    My passion is writing, and I love to base my stories on facts that bring the unbelievable to life.   I live in Idaho with my husband and four children. Along with writing, I also enjoy art, traveling, and spending time with my family.

    Review by January Gray:

    A mysterious island, time dimensions, lives interwoven…this tightly written book hooks you at the first sentence and draws you into a mysterious world. Based on an old, true mystery, this fiction book combines both fact and fiction beautifully.

    The characters are strong and relatable and you will not be able to read fast enough as each moment draws you in deeper and makes you anticipate what is going to happen next.

    This book is definitely going on my READ AGAIN list! I look forward to reading more from this Author.

    Review by Dennis Cardiff:

    A thought provoking, four dimensional, tapestry of lives and relationships interwoven then separated by time. The writing is superb and the plot is riveting. Action, suspense, love and abuse of power all play a part to drive this fantastic novel.

    The bibliography at the back adds credibility and interest to a subject that intrigues and questions. I loved this book.

    Review by Ralph E. Vaughan:

    This gripping and fast-moving novel by T.L. Parker is based on fringe science and some historical and archaeological anomalies. While it is not the first book to provide this mix (“The HAB Theory,” based on Hapgood’s theory of polar displacement and his study of the Peri Reise Map, comes to mind) it is a better effort than most of the others. The author does not get lost in the esoteric science or bogged down with mundane relationships. Instead the science (or pseudo-science) propels the story at break-neck speed and the characters are fully delineated so that their relationships become integral to the plot. The author gives us admirable heroes and a villain whose philosophy of “people get what they deserve” is proven true in the best possible way.

    The Devil’s Graveyards is based on the idea of a world grid, that there are occult power centers at charted coordinates, many of which were known to the Ancients and upon which they built such edifices as Stonehenge, the Pyramids at Giza, and the statues at Easter Island. They are also the site of strange disappearances, as in the Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon’s Sea, which was explained in a series of Saga Magazine articles by my late pal Ivan T Sanderson in the 1970s, as well as in several books by explorer David Hatcher Childress. Using stones from those locations, coupled with modern particle physics, two men learn how to teleport in space and time, to bring back the treasures of the past. One of those men is good-hearted, the other, not so much.

    Though the reader may at first be a bit confused by events, that’s not unusual in a novel with a time travel theme. As the plot advances, the pieces begin to fall into place, but, since this is a time travel novel, there are also plenty of twists along the way, and a few startling ones toward the end.

    This is a great novel for those who like lots of adventure mixed in with their science fiction as in the works of Matthew Reilly, or wish there was more science mixed in with the adventure novels of writers like Clive Cussler. For those who want to examine some of the theories, events and anomalies themselves, the author has included a bibliography (I had all the books already) and a number of Internet links. All in all, an excellent effort, one worth your investment of time and money.