The Dead Man by Joel Goldman

The Dead Man by Joel Goldman Purchase:

    And the world turns to black. Death comes for all of us. But it comes like a thief in the night. Not predicted in excruciating detail in a dream. Right?

    A Kansas City billionaire recruits subjects for his neuroscience research on a platform of hope delving deeply into the mysterious neural pathways of memory and dreams.

    But something has gone terribly wrong.

    Research participants are having horrific nightmares, their dreams coming true with deadly consequences. It sounds like some kind of twilight zone madness. But people are dying. Their blood cries out. And Jack Davis, now an ex-FBI agent, must answer that call.

    Jack fights his own demons, battling the rare movement disorder that forced him out of the FBI. His debilitating flare-ups color the backdrop as he investigates rage-filled murders and uncovers secrets, shattering long-held illusions and raising ghosts better left dead.