The Compost Pile by Stephen Woodfin

The Compost Pile by Stephen Woodfin Purchase:

    In this multi-layered legal/psychological thriller, the discovery of the body of a fifteen-year-old girl in a compost pile in a posh coastal neighborhood spurs an investigation that challenges traditional notions of guilt and innocence.

    When a politically-motivated district attorney brings capital murder charges against a man-child, an aging uncle of the accused takes up his defense, recruiting a recovering alcoholic detective and another lawyer with his own demons to find out what really happened at the compost pile. They come to suspect a conspiracy among members of the small community, a conspiracy not to railroad the accused, but to substitute in his place a prominent local personality, one whose past makes him deserving of a finding of guilt.

    The Compost Pile is a tale of the blinding power of love, which motivates those in its grip to do whatever is necessary to make things right, even if justice be damned.