The Calling by Louise G. White

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    The Calling is a colorful, suspenseful, sensual, magical tale that keeps you wanting more even after you’ve turned the final page.

    On the run and hiding from ‘the suits’, Carolyn’s life is far from straightforward. After her mother and brother go missing in a most extraordinary way, (through a hole to another world which appears in the kitchen wall!), she is determined to track them down and bring them home.

    But life is never that easy! Rescued and protected by a group of unusual and like minded ‘people’, Carolyn hones her magic and fighting skills. Whilst answering a ‘call’ to retrieve a human from another world she’s faced with a quick decision and ends up bringing a demon back with her.

    Little did she know what effect this demon would have on her. As each day passes her strengths grow and her magic develops to assist her in her quest to track down her family, but there are decisions to make that will affect the rest of her life.

    About Louise G. White:

    Louise G. White
    Louise G. White

    Although I’ve been writing Urban fantasy for the last three years, I’ve had a variety of jobs both before and during that time, including waitress, library assistant, nurse, and police officer. I hold a BSc in Health Studies, and a PG certificate in Primary Education. The scenic west coast of Scotland is where I live with my family.

    I am currently penning the third installment of the Gateway series which should be completed in 2015.

    My varied life experiences were not strictly by design, but have likely given me fuel enough for the next few decades of of writing. Fortunate enough to come across some of the most amazing real life characters, there’s been good, bad, and downright ugly at times. I can say the same for many of the situations in which I’ve landed.

    Let’s face it, delivering a baby to an adoring couple is as far away from the reality of bagging criminals as you can get. And yet, I’ve been passionate about all the jobs I’ve done, soaked in the experiences, and blanked out the worst ones for the good of my mental health. But they are all there, happily bubbling, or festering away, to be recalled when I need them.

    I didn’t set out to write Urban fantasy, but when I sat with my laptop to begin The Calling, It became apparent that I still believed in the Bogey Men, the Monster in the cupboard and of course, the Faeries at the bottom of our garden. Suddenly I found that I was writing a story of perhaps less than willing, but more than able ‘Real to me’ Heroes who could be found both on our doorsteps and in the realms that lie beyond.

    Review by E. M. Cooper:

    From the first sentence of ‘The Calling’, I felt I was going to enjoy it. Louise White has combined her great writing style, world building and plot development to create a thrilling novel.

    The story focuses on 15-year-old Carolyn whose mother and brother vanish through a gateway to another realm inhabited by demons. Fast-forwarding her life two years, Carolyn discovers she has become the Defender, answering ‘the call’ of gateways and pursuing misbehaving demons on the other side.

    I loved the originality and description of the demon realms, their chiefs and mages and the magic gateways. Louise White has created an intriguing magic system and character roles such as the Protectorate, Breeders and Defenders, and interesting concepts such as anchoring and claiming.

    White’s characters are distinct, well-defined and believable, and their stories add to the complexity and intrigue of the story. Carolyn is a dynamic and gritty character whose life is in upheaval. After losing her family, she discovers emerging powers and must dodge sinister government agents. After joining the Protectorate team, she is challenged by confusing emotions evoked by those on the team and in particular Note, a young demon she brings back to Earth through a gateway. She must decide who she can trust and determine if her feelings are true or the product of rituals and magic.

    The Calling is a terrific fantasy for YA and older readers. I was captivated from the beginning and will definitely read the next book in the series.

    Review by WindTrailPublishing:

    I love fantasy, so I was quite eager to read Louise G. White’s debut novel, The Calling.

    Like several fantasy books, it takes a few chapters to really begin to understand the dynamic and workings of the world, but once you’re in, you’re captivated, and I can guarantee you will not want to leave it behind.

    The Calling is beautifully written with strong characters, especially the protagonist, Carolyn. So often, I’ve found female leads irritating, sometimes downright unlikable. But Ms. White has created a powerful heroine in Carolyn, and you can’t help but root for her as she embarks on a journey to save her mother and her brother.

    On a personal note, Ms. White and her book came to me at a time I desperately needed a distraction, an escape. The Calling was perfect, truly one of the few bright spots in a week of sadness and loss. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I was to have this story, this world, waiting for me.

    The Calling is a colorful, suspenseful, sensual, magical tale that keeps you wanting more even after you’ve turned the final page. I am very much looking forward to the sequel, Chasing the Demon, which will be released later on this year.

    Thank you so much, Ms. White. Your world, your characters, your story, is a joy and a genuine privilege.