Terror Comes Knocking by Aaron Paul Lazar

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    Where murder and mystery control the day and the night. 

    Just before the American president is scheduled to appear in Sam Moore’s hometown of East Goodland, Sam’s retirement plans are delayed when his daughter, Beth, goes missing. Newly reunited with the spirit of his younger brother, Billy, who died 50 years ago, Sam is guided by an unusual talisman – a small green marble – that reveals a perplexing link between Beth and her mysterious roommate, Zafina Azziz.

    Who is the real Zafina? Med student, loving friend, Egyptian royal – or a keeper of deadly secrets? Is she involved with a group of suspicious students from the Middle East? And what about that phantom boyfriend she keeps mentioning?

    Does Zafina know where Beth is?

    That’s when Sam discovers that someone is plotting to murder the president of the United States – and that someone is hiding in East Goodland.

    Can Sam, his daughter, and Billy’s ghost avert a catastrophe that could rival September 11?

    Review by Amazon Customer:

    Aaron Paul Lazar
    Aaron Paul Lazar

    Reading a Lazar novel is like coming home after being gone for a long time. You drive through town seeing the old pizza place and, further down the road, you ease toward the center of the road to give some fast pumping kids a bit more room while they bike to the local park. Lazar’s stories evoke comfortable memories of the past: treasures of your childhood or even the dinner the night before. Getting into one of his stories is as easy as slipping into a warm bed on a cold winter night. The characters come alive because you know them, the friendly restaurant owner and that teenager next door. The pages of his novel turn themselves over and before you know it, you are immersed in a mystery, intimate, yet entirely new.

    In Terror Comes Knocking, the mystery starts with his college-aged daughter missing from her apartment. Her roommate down plays any concern about the daughter’s disappearance. Sam remains the worried parent. Very quickly, the mundane becomes mysterious and Sam Moore uses his analytical skills, honed as a doctor, to unravel the many threads tied to the stubborn and total absence of his daughter.

    With the help of his long deceased brother, a ghost who sees all, but can only show bits and pieces, Sam discovers a plot with far more ramifications than his missing daughter. In fact, our nation’s security is in peril.

    The action accelerates in the last fifty pages of the novel. A warning: turn off your phone, hide in your bedroom, don’t plan on anything else but finishing the book. The pieces to the puzzle fit together and the final picture is one of absolute terror. Be prepared for a sort of roller coaster ride and don’t plan on doing anything else until you reach the end.

    This is my second Sam Moore novel and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After lunch one day, sit in that easy chair and be transported into a wonderful place where the warm fuzzies turn cold and rough. Where murder and mystery control the day and the night. Where the right man can do the right things to change history.

    Review by P. W. Dowdy:

    With literary accolades for Healey’s Cave in his pocket, Aaron Lazar and his Green Marble Mystery (series) featuring Sam Moore, now present Terror Comes Knocking. 

    Retired Dr. Sam Moore and his family, Bruce–Sam’s childhood friend turned U.S. Senator, along with The Green Marble itself, reappear from Healey’s Cave to offer excellent characterization to this second installation novel. Aaron Paul Lazar uses each of these well rounded characters to create and to sustain the thrilling plot of Terror Comes Knocking.

    In its opening pages, Sam and Rachel casually wonder why their college student daughter has not called. A dutiful daughter living away from home, Beth is keen on making contact with her mother on a daily basis. Where is she? The answer to that question is not forthcoming. What does come is a barrage of unimaginable events that force the upstate New York couple to realize that their daughter’s missing is more serious than they both expected.

    From that point on, one terror after the next knocks at the Moore’s front door. From that point on, people Rachael and Sam believed would help them find Beth, prove to be unreliable.

    Sam and Bruce unite to bring her home.

    From that point on, Lazar skillfully crafts this mystery thriller as only he can. His natural “feel” for the mystery storytelling process masterfully comes to surface once more. By the time Terror Comes Knocking arrives at its climax, readers will find themselves plenty of times exclaiming aloud,OMG!

    Oh My Gosh! What an exquisitely told mystery thriller, what a fine pick for your next reading pleasure. And oh yes. Brace yourself for Terror Comes Knocking’s formidable ending!