Sunset Rising by S. M. McEachern

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    This book is a heart wrenching ride about running from a corrupt government and the will to want to change the world so things are right and equal again. 

    February 2024: Desperate to find refuge from the nuclear storm, a group of civilians discover a secret government bio-dome. Greeted by a hail of bullets and told to turn back, the frantic refugees stand their ground and are grudgingly permitted entry. But the price of admission is high.

    283 years later… Life as a slave in the Pit had never been easy, but for seventeen-year-old Sunny O’Donnell it was quickly careening out of control. Her mother was gone now—killed in the annual spring Cull—leaving her alone with a father who decided to give up on life. It’s not that she blamed him for grieving, but if they didn’t earn enough credits to keep their place inside the Pit, they would be kicked out into a world still teeming with radiation. That left her to earn the credits for both of them. It didn’t help that her boyfriend, Reyes Crowe, was pressuring her to get married and abandon her father.

    Sunny didn’t think life could get any worse, until she was forced upstairs to the Dome to serve at a bachelor party. That’s where she met Leisel Holt, the president’s daughter, and her fiancé, Jack Kenner.

    Now Sunny is wanted for treason. If they catch her, she’ll be executed.  She thought Leisel’s betrayal was the end for her…but it turns out it was just the beginning.

    Sunset Rising is Book One of a series.

    About the Author:

    S. M. McEachern
    S. M. McEachern

    S.M. McEachern (also known as Susan) comes from the rocky shores of Canada’s East Coast. As a resident of Halifax during her early adult years, she attended Dalhousie University and earned an Honors Degree in International Development Studies with a focus on ocean development. Throughout her academic studies and early career, Susan had the privilege to work with many developing countries on resource management projects.

    Becoming an author has been a lifelong dream for Susan. “Sunset Rising” is her debut novel and the first of many she plans to write.

    Review by Ashley: Step into Fiction: his book fit right into my current love of dystopia, so I was very excited to be able to read this book. I wasn’t disappointed at all either. It was a different dystopia, almost a post apocalyptic dystopia, because it is what happens after a world devastating event, a nuclear holocaust.

    The prologue lays out how the whole situation/world in the book came to be. The nuclear holocaust was coming and the military didn’t want to help civilians, they build a dome, to protect the “importnat” people but the President wanted to help out the innocent people and got them into their safe dome prior to the holocaust. But then that’s when things turn for the worst for the innocent civilians. It these desperate times, the military was the truest enemy and the people didn’t realize until it was too late. Almost 300 years later, we see just how evil they really were and what has happened to people since that horrible day. The decedents of the civilians that were let in 300 years ago, are basically slaves the the decedents of the military families.

    We get to see how horrible life has become through the eyes of Sunset O’Donnell. Sunset is a tough girl, growing up in a cruel and unfair world.Losing her mother at a young age, to the Cull. Sunset’s world get thrown upside down by one little mistake and it sends her and her best friend, Summer, to a life changing event, and not a good event either. I really loved Sunset’s courage throughout this book. She is a bit naive but that comes with her situation I believe. She gets conned by the Presidents daughter and all hell breaks loose.

    This book is a heart wrenching ride about running from a corrupt government and the will to want to change the world so things are right and equal again. The ups and downs are a captivating ride and keep you wanting to read more and never put the book down. The ending of this book was simply PERFECT. It really makes you want the second book ASAP. I am so happy I got to read this book and I loved every minute of it!!