Suffer the Little Children by Christina Carson

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    A Life-Altering Story

    FAMILY IS NOT our greatest success story; the Mueller’s being no exception. Set in a present-day wilderness community, the story recounts Anne Mueller’s determination to find her runaway daughter, save a neighbor child on the run, and understand what it is we do that drives our children from us.

    She persists; inspired by her Cree native friends’ model of harmonious living and a harrowing wilderness experience that changes everything for her.

    Anne’s relationship with her dog, Timber, her horse, Spook, a neighbor child, Little Bit, her friend, Billie and the vast wilderness around her are compelling elements of this novel, which proves to be both thought provoking and brimming with wildness. It is an adventure story on many levels.

    About Christina Carson:

    Christina Carson
    Christina Carson

    Since early teens, I have been curious about something, which for a long time, I couldn’t even name. I would watch life happening around me and see how often it didn’t work very well, meaning it didn’t bring about the results that people said they were seeking.

    This state of contradiction I saw most everywhere led me, Alfie-like, to ask: what’s it all about? And thus started my forty-year investigation into what I finally termed human cosmology: What are we? Why are we here? What’s the truth of it all?

    I bring to my writing my eclectic background ranging from scientist to teacher, shepherdess, stockbroker, and corporate consultant to mention some of my endeavors. I also bring what I’ve learned, writing stories about common dilemmas we humans face, offering new insights into them and new resolutions.

    My novels will interest those most who are curious, confused, or daring. They will offer possibility to those willing to consider that there is another way to live, one that fulfills the promises of ease, harmony, and peace.

    Review by Kathy Lynn Hall:

    Sadly, I finished this book last night. The experience of reading the story of Anne (Nannie) and her transitions over several months will remain with me throughout the remainder of my life and guide me through many situations.

    The truths that Christina Carson lay out are so simple and yet so profound. If we all found a way through our troubles as Nannie does, we would all be so much happier.

    But the book isn’t special simply because of it’s message, the characters are heart-breakingly real and the places are touchable. I know the house Nannie lives in and her clearing in the Alberta bushland. I can see the path she and Little Bit travel on the during that fateful night.

    If everyone read and absorbed a 10th of this book, the world could change for the better. Congratulations and thank you to Christina Carson for writing a life-altering story.