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    We are treated to the attitudes, intrigue and goings-on among various administration officials, the Joint Chiefs, CIA, and the FBI. 

    Conducting preliminary negotiations with the North Korean leadership in an attempt to normalize relations, Secretary of State Tanner learns that the CIA is secretly funding a faction to topple the Supreme Leader.

    In the Yellow Sea, the United States and South Korea commence their annual Key Resolve joint naval exercises. Seeking to unseat the North Korean Supreme

    Leader, the reformists use the exercise to embarrass the dictator by launching a strike against an American destroyer. A North Korean corvette is sunk, but there are casualties on the destroyer. In charge of the exercise, Admiral Kenneth

    Pacino learns that his son is severely wounded.

    To limit damage to his negotiation efforts, President Samuel Walters urges both Koreas to investigate the night action and not to overreact. Furious that the

    CIA would be conducting a clandestine operation that threatens to undermine a critical administration initiative, Walters fires the CIA Director and installs

    Mark Price as his replacement.

    Admiral Pacino is told that his son has died from his wounds. Although he understands the need for restraint by everybody, he is dismayed to read that the

    President is more interested in making a settlement with North Korea than acknowledging the lives lost – on both sides. To remind the administration and both Koreas that every life is valuable and should not be thrown away in a diplomatic gesture, he mounts a strike against military installations in the two

    Koreas. Summoned to Washington to face a hearing, Pacino’s flight is sabotaged

    and the aircraft crashes.

    President Walters understands what Pacino has done, but faced with ‘big picture’ considerations, he can hardly condone the action. The reformist faction topples

    the Supreme Leader and the new leadership makes overtures to America to hand over their nuclear warheads and dismantle long-range missiles. This was not done to align with the West, but to prevent the country from sliding into anarchy.

    Surviving his crash, Pacino faces a number of charges that are likely to see him dishonorably discharged and serving time in Leavenworth. However, his action and media statements have struck a responsive chord with many in the military and the public at large. Regardless of any sympathy for his views, the Navy must make an example of him. Although nothing could be done to save his career,

    President Walters does not want Pacino crucified.

    The hearing exposes the heartless treatment of veterans by the government and the military. To limit political damage, the Navy awards Pacino administrative punishment in lieu of a general court-martial. Appreciating Pacino’s qualities,

    Walters offers him a position as Advisor to the President to get things fixed.

    About the Author:

    Stefan Vucak
    Stefan Vucak

    Stefan Vucak is an award-winning author of eight techno sci-fi novels, including With Shadow and Thunder, which was a 2002 EPPIE finalist. His political thriller, Cry of Eagles, won the coveted 2011 Readers’ Favorite silver medal award, and his All the Evils was the 2013 prestigious Eric Hoffer contest finalist and Readers’Favorite silver medal winner. Strike for Honor won the gold medal. Stefan leveraged a successful career in the Information Technology industry and appliedthat discipline to create realistic, highly believable storylines for his books.

    Review by Dorothy May Mercer:

    Stefan Vucak’s novel Strike for Honor, will please readers who enjoy exciting stories of the US military and the current political intrigue in Washington. Vucak displays remarkably detailed and extensive knowledge of US and Korean ships, planes, ordinance, technology and procedures. The story begins with a joint US Navy and South Korean Naval exercise. North Korean boats and a sub act as shadows. Meanwhile a liberal American administration is in the midst of trying to broker a peace treaty between the two Koreas. Without giving away the plot, let me say, serious stuff happens.

    US Navy Rear Admiral Pacino steps outside the chain of command and takes certain matters into his own hands, causing a chain of events, with unintended consequences. He soon faces the full weight of the Naval high command coming down on him. There is an element of the “whodunit” in the plot, as we must wait until the end to solve a murder and find out whether Pacino wiggles out of his dilemma. President Walters and his minions are an important part of the story, as we are treated to the attitudes, intrigue and goings-on among various administration officials, the Joint Chiefs, CIA, and the FBI. It’s a good plot which winds up in a very satisfactory ending.