Strange Mysteries by Tom Slemen

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    If you’re intrigued by unsolved mysteries, possible conspiracy theories, or have heard parts of famous legends, this is a great read.

    There are the usual mundane books about regurgitated mysteries, and there are books such as Strange Mysteries, which boldly delve into the more offbeat mysteries of history, as well as mysteries of crime, space, and time.

    Within this amazing collection of sixty-five mysteries you will read of the mysterious Zodiac Killer who terrorized the West Coast of the United States in the 1960s – who was he? Could a new scientific breakthrough finally unmask Zodiac? Also in Strange Mysteries, you will even be provided with a truly mind-boggling answer to that question we have all pondered from time to time – Why are we here? Read that chapter at your own risk. In this fascinating book, you will learn what might have really happened onboard the Mary Celeste, and you will read of the sinister 1945 murder of an English warlock, as well as a host of other intriguing conundrums such as the possibility of aliens on our moon, and the intriguing reports of Joan of Arc being seen long after she was supposedly burnt at the stake.

    This amazing book also asks: Was Adolf Hitler a Black Magician? Did Shakespeare exist? How did a Welshman who flew before the Wright Brothers become omitted from the history books? Who was the Man in the Velvet Mask? What is the shocking truth behind President Lincoln’s Assassination? Who were the Atlanteans? Do Vampires exist? Can a murder repeat itself 157 years after it is committed? How can we tap into the Akashic Records?

    Was Jesus of Nazareth an Extraterrestrial? Whose ghost is seen being executed in an electric chair on the London underground? What mathematical method did a super gambler use to break the bank at Monte Carlo? Plus many, many more mysteries to feed your unending curiosity!

    Review by Admiralu:

    Tom Slemen
    Tom Slemen

    This is the first book I have read by this author and it will not be the last. I have read quite a few books of mysterious tales, some are better than others. Author Tom Slemen takes it to a whole new level. Extremely well researched and written (in the Queen ‘s English, hence the differences in spelling), there are a great many fascinating tales here for your enjoyment.

    Most are compelling, some are creepy and some outrageous. All are entertaining and well worth your time. I will definitely be reading more of his work. If you love unusual tales, this is a must read!

    Review by Srutter 79:

    I’m surprised by how many cases are covered in this book. The author deserves four times the asking price for the research work alone. If you’re intrigued by unsolved mysteries, possible conspiracy theories, or have heard parts of famous legends, this is a great read.

    And while most conspiracy/mystery books rehash the same stories over and over, this one contains dozens of unique, and little-covered cases.

    Some of the chapters deal with things that probably have a logical explanation, but some are downright perplexing. I highly recommend this if your tired of the other recycled collections out there. And given the breath and depth of the topics, the price is a steal.