Storm in the Mountains by Michelle Boule

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    Boule deftly balances the violence and mystery with a wonderfully witty romance.

    Marina Ocypete is a harpy, a Remnant of the Greek myth living in a small town in the Colorado Territory. She would rather start a decent fight than sit around idle. The local sheriff offers her a job as a deputy which seems like a better choice than suffering from boredom, but Reed Brant has a way of getting under her skin.

    With the influx of Remnants in his town, Reed needs Marina’s skills as a harpy to keep the peace. His head knows she is not the get married and settled down type he wants, but she might be just the thing his heart desires.

    When women start disappearing in Turning Creek, it will be up to Marina and Reed to find the cause behind the fear gripping their town. Marina will have to choose between a fate she never questioned and the man who makes her believe even a harpy can have a heart.

    Michelle Boule

    About Michelle Boule:

    Michelle Boule has been, at various times, a librarian, a bookstore clerk, an administrative assistant, a wife, a mother, a writer, and a dreamer trying to change the world. Michelle writes the historical fantasy series Turning Creek.

    She is married to a rocket scientist and has two small boys. She brews her own beer, will read almost anything in book form, loves to cook, bake, go camping, and believes Joss Whedon is a genius. She dislikes steamed zucchini, snow skiing, and running. Unless there are zombies. She would run if there were zombies.

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    Review by VADoug:

    There is nothing I appreciate more in a romance novel than good hero-heroine banter, and Boule brings it in Storm. Marina and Reed are in constant verbal-sparring mode and I LOVED IT. They’re clearly friends who enjoy one another’s company, but in their merciless teasing they reveal the underlying current of attraction that sparks between them.

    Every time Reed called Marina Sparrow I just about died of happiness. I could have read the two of them trying to push one another’s buttons for hundreds of pages. The slow build of their romance was fantastic, and I found myself anxiously awaiting the moment when they could just be together. Boule brings a bit more heat to Storm than she did to Lightning, and it absolutely fits Marina’s tempestuous nature and Reed’s occasional bursts of temper.

    I thought the driving force of the narrative–the disappearances of remnant women–was just the right amount of plot to facilitate Marina and Reed’s changing relationship. It presented a great opportunity for Boule to insert her encyclopedic knowledge of Greek mythology and totally made my inner-nerd-girl squeal with glee.

    Hydras and sphinxes and three-headed dogs! Hooray! All of my favorite harpy sisters and remnants from Lightning made an appearance in Storm, but the focus was always on Reed, Marina and the sacrifices we make for love. I found this book to be–at times–bit darker than its predecessor, but Boule deftly balances the violence and mystery with a wonderfully witty romance.

    I tore through Storm in a day and half, chuckling, gasping, and nail-biting the entire time. I cannot wait to continue reading my way through Turning Creek.