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    I love paranormal mysteries and romances and this book fit the bill.

    When grieving medium Tess Schafer is urged to take a healing vacation, her friends convince her that a haunted resort on the coast of Maine is the place to go. Although her ability to speak with the dead died along with her husband, that all changes upon her arrival at Sea Willow Haven, and it isn’t long before Tess is caught up in the haunting of the two young lovers who tragically died there.

    Her quest to help these two lost souls, however, is being met with some resistance. But is it all coming from a malevolent ghost or is the malice she senses coming from someone very much alive?

    Though conflicted by her feelings and his skepticism, Tess engages the help of Kade Sinclair, a resort guest and former marine. Their growing attraction for each other puts Tess in turmoil as she struggles to put her own tragic past behind her and find a way to heal the rift that has incurred on her spiritual beliefs. That isn’t all she’s focused on, however, for she’s determined to learn the true reason behind Sea Willow’s haunting. One way or the other, she’s going to help those two poor souls into the light and find peace for herself while she’s at it.


    About Deborah J. Hughes:

    Deborah J. Hughes
    Deborah J. Hughes

    Deborah Hughes was living a normal life when she moved into a haunted house old farmhouse at the age of seven. Suddenly she was sharing space with dead people and experiencing the bizarre world of the paranormal. An over-active imagination did not, at first, serve her well for she feared what she did not understand. Learning to read opened her to the world of books and she read everything she could find about supernatural and paranormal phenomena. The more she read, the more she learned and the more she realized how little she knew. This led to a lifelong search for knowledge, truth and enlightenment.

    From the age of eight, she began to scribble the stories streaming like movies through her mind. Although determined to grow up and become a writer, her sense of adventure led to a career in the United States Air Force. Instead of writing books she was building bombs. Not at all what she expected to do with her life. Despite a busy and demanding military career, Deborah continued writing the stories demanding to be told. It is a calling no writer can ignore. She also continued with her quest for for spiritual knowledge.

    With her military career now behind her, she is focused on her lifelong dream of being an author and sharing the stories she’s so compelled to write. She welcomes any comments or questions her readers may have and is always open to hearing of experiences others may have had with the paranormal world.

    Praise for Be Still, My Love

    “Deborah J. Hughes’ writing is clean, refreshing and addictive. BE STILL, MY LOVE will captivate you from page one with excellent character building, romance, and ghostly suspense. A perfect combination!” ~ The Kindle Book Review 

    “The plot is strong and rife with mystery and spooky, supernatural occurrences, with just enough romance and suspense to keep you reading to the very end.” ~ April Hughes 

    “While reading this book, I was hooked. The story draws you in and makes you feel as if you are there. The characters and storyline are well written. This is a book for romance, paranormal and mystery lovers alike.” ~ Riquita Wagoner