Split Decisions by Carmen DeSousa

Split Decisions by Carmen DeSousa Purchase:

    A Romance Novel for People Who Don’t Like Romance Novels.

    SOMETIMES YOU WANT SOMETHING so badly you are willing to abandon everything you’ve ever known–including yourself.

    Eighteen years ago, Jaynee Monroe married the man of her dreams, became the mother of four, and fulfilled her career goals. About to turn forty, she senses something is missing from her idyllic life. While Googling her name in an attempt to find herself, she unearths something so impossible, she contemplates her own sanity. Seeking answers, she embarks on a journey to discover the truth, only to end up abducted by a deranged stranger who insists on calling her Caycee.

    Caycee took the road less traveled. Rejecting a marriage proposal from the only decent man she ever knew, she ventures to California to become famous. Eighteen years later, success has left her alone and miserable. Attempting to locate her lost love on Facebook, she discovers his infatuation with her. Not only does his presumed-dead wife have Caycee’s uncommon middle name, it appears he has photo-shopped her face over hers.

    Never could Caycee and Jaynee have imagined decisions they made years earlier would threaten not only their lives but also their loved ones. Caycee must now reunite with the southern gent she dismissed eighteen years ago and convince him to accompany her to New York to locate his wife, the most important person in both their lives.

    About Carmen DeSousa:

    T.J. Walp Business PortraitA romantic-suspense writer, Carmen DeSousa’s novels overflow with romance, mystery, suspense, and of course, tragedy. After all, what would a great story be without a tragic event setting the stage?

    Her sensual and gripping mysteries have earned bestseller status on three continents because of her ability to make readers love, laugh, cry, gasp, and hope.

    Amazon Review by KimPitBull123:

    I’ve read all Carmen’s books. She goes out on a limb and tries something different. We still have the romance and suspense were used to reading, with great characters I’ve come to know and love.

    The twist, Jaynee Caycee Monroe has been married to her soulmate Jordan for eighteen years. She’s turning 40 and feels there’s something missing from her perfect life. She knows she doesn’t want anyone but Jordan and loves her family with all she has in her heart. Jaynee can’t figure out why she’s depressed.

    Caycee Jaynee Evans turns down Jordan’s proposal of marriage eighteen years earlier and moved to California to pursue a singing career, only to find eighteen years later that she’s lonely. Caycee looks herself up on the Internet and can’t believe what she sees..Come read what she finds, download your copy today.

    I recommend Carmen’s books to all who love to read, CLEAN, romance and suspense books. Very well written thought out stories.

    Amazon Review by Ashley Fontainne:

    Jaynee is missing something in her life. True, from the outside, it seems she has it all. A perfect husband. Four beautiful children. A successful career. She should be ridiculously happy.

    But that missing piece haunts her. On a whim, she searches her name on the Internet and finds herself locked inside a mystery that drags her in so deep that she may never find her way out.

    Enter Caycee, a woman who is just as conflicted about life as Jaynee. Decisions made in her youth are now coming back to haunt her and she finds herself inexplicably entwined inside the life of Jaynee. Can Caycee and Jaynee figure out their connection? Will Jaynee’s marriage to her husband Jordan be able to withstand the secrets that Caycee and Jaynee unearth?

    Full of twists, suspense and surprising moments that will leave you shaking your head from shock, Carmen DeSousa doesn’t disappoint with this latest book. Well written and quite the page turner, I highly recommend this book for all lovers of romantic suspense!