Souls Set Free by Kimmie Easley

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    Souls Set Free was an exhausting, gripping. emotional ride.

    Emma has a life most people would love to trade for: a beautiful home on the beach, a loving husband, two wonderful daughters. But most nights, she goes to bed hoping to not wake up the next morning. Pills and alcohol are the only ways she can cope with a childhood filled with abuse, ending the day she left at fifteen after her mother held her at gunpoint.

    Now, the woman who caused her so much pain is dead.

    Emma returns to her childhood home and finds her mother’s journal. As she reads, her anger slowly begins to melt away as the years of abuse finally begin to make sense…

    About Kimmie Easley:

    Kimmie Easley
    Kimmie Easley

    Kimmie is an author who grew up traveling the country, rarely settling in one place for much longer than a minute. Being no stranger to heartache, she allows her unconventional childhood to fuel her writing.

    Kimmie is addicted to all things books, wine, cupcakes, and flip flops. She is a homeschool momma, southern wife, and pug wrangler.

    Kimmie can be found somewhere in the south writing wine worthy stories.

    Review by Sbar61:

    I read this book in one day. I could not put it down, Loved the character of Emma. On her journey of finding herself after her mother dies. She has gone through such a rough childhood, told in flashbacks through out the book.

    Jansen her husband is such a saint, I loved how he stood behind her. The little notes to Emma were wonderful.

    Highly recommend you read with a box of kleenex near by.

    Review by Monica Cardoza:

    Everyone has a story. Only that Emma had no idea what her mother’s story was, now that she knows will she be able to forgive her mother or was there never anything to forgive.

    This story ripped me apart. There was no escaping the emotional ride I went through reading this story. I can’t believe how Emma just wanted to be gone, just go to sleep and not wake up. She had a loving family that would just be devastated. Everyone has a past and people still went on to live happy lives but it seemed that Emma was drowning.

    She was back to taking pills this time it was only sleeping pills but she was chasing them down with alcohol not good at all. Her husband is a husband that every woman deserves. He is strong and so compassionate with Emma only that he is to light with her. He doesn’t challenge her but I understood him he was scared of what would happen to her. There marriage was holding on a by a thread and her daughters noticed her change. She was not showing them love and her oldest Christine noticed.

    Emma lived a rough childhood being the second eldest and the one that was the mother figure to her older sister, Kelly and her young brother, Josh. Her mother, Anne, was there for them but at times she would go on a rampage and usually Kelly got it first. Josh was the one that their mother loved the most and she tried not to get angry in front of him.

    Only as time passed Kelly left with their father and she stayed behind with their mother. Then it seemed that she was now the punching bag and one day it got too much for her. She ran away after her mother pointed a gun at her and with her finger on the trigger. Shit I don’t blame her I would have been so hysterical and crying out of my mind. I believe I to would have ran away far away but I would have hated to leave my brother behind.

    Now Emma is married to Jansen and has two wonderful girls, Christine and Bella. She received word that her mother was murdered and now she needs to go identify the body. I could not believe that her mother had family in Ventura, California and they would not go to claim their sister. Then what really upset me was her sister and the way she was with Emma but especially her brother.

    I could not believe him he was so selfish and huh I’m going to stop now. Emma was a brave woman to drive all the way from Galveston, Texas to Ventura, California in her emotional state. She will have a lot of thinking to do on her own and maybe that would help her get her life back on track. Emma knew that she could not live without her family and she needed to change her life or else.

    Souls Set Free was an exhausting, gripping emotional ride. I couldn’t put down this read. It enthralled me from the moment that I started reading till the very end. I had not even realized that my tears were running down my checks except it was a little hard to read. My heart broke for Emma and what she was going through not only now as a mother but as a child. A child should not go through what she did, not ever. A child should be loved and treasured by their parents.

    A mother should believe what their child tells them not accuse them of being something they are not. Emma should have been able to talk to her mother about what happened. I love the writing style of this author, it’s clear and focused. The pace of this story and the memories that Emma was remembering were perfect. The part that I loved was when Emma was reading her mother’s journal but the part that killed me was when she read the letter that was addressed to her.

    This story is an amazing read of two people that are devoted to each other but one is trying to deal with the pain of the past. Once she is able to overcome the abuse and the loss of her mother and letting everything go will she be able to finally appreciate the precious family that she has.