Size 12 and Ready to Rock by Meg Cabot

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    What a pleasant little mystery this novel is! Heather is bright and engaging, and her relationship with Cooper is fresh and real.

    Summer break . . . and the livin’ ain’t easy!

    Just because the students at New York College have flown the coop doesn’t mean assistant residence hall director Heather Wells can relax. Fischer Hall is busier than ever, filled with squealing thirteen- and fourteen-year-old girls attending the first ever Tania Trace Teen Rock Camp, hosted by pop sensation Tania Trace herself – who just happens to be newly married to Heather’s ex-boyfriend, heartthrob Jordan Cartwright. But the real headache begins when the producer of a reality TV show starring Tania winds up dead . . . and it’s clear that the star was the intended victim.

    Grant Cartwright, head of Cartwright Records, wants to keep his daughter-in-law (and his highest-earning performer) alive. So he hires his oldest son, black sheep of the family and private investigator Cooper Cartwright – who just happens to be Heather’s new fiancé. Heather should leave the detecting to Cooper. But with a dorm full of hysterical mini-divas-in-training, she can’t help but get involved. And after Tania shares a really shocking secret with her, this reality suddenly becomes more dangerously real than anyone ever anticipated.

    Review by Tamela McCann:

    Megcabotauthor_med_400x400This fourth installment in the Heather Wells mysteries by Meg Cabot is a fun, welcome addition to the series! Heather, now with the man of her dreams, Cooper, is still working at Fischer Hall (aka “Death Dorm”) at New York City College when her ex’s new wife moves her Rock Camp into the place for her new reality show.

    Heather, expecting a rather quiet summer, now finds herself in charge of almost 50 teens who are there to compete in a final Rock Off while dealing with her ex, Jordan (Cooper’s brother) and Jordan’s wife Tania Trace, a music superstar in her own right. And things immediately go from bad to worse when it becomes apparent someone is trying to harm Tania; first her bodyguard is shot and then one of the production crew is killed by eating a poisonous cupcake sent to the star.

    While Cooper takes on the job of Tania’s new bodyguard, Heather finds herself spending more time with Jordan than she’d wanted and dealing with the stresses of her job. And she does it with her quick wit and nosiness that leads her into the danger surrounding the Rock Camp and Tania.

    What a pleasant little mystery this novel is! Heather is bright and engaging, and her relationship with Cooper is fresh and real. I love that Heather is able to understand the actions and motivations of others and that she is, as Cooper calls her, The Queen of the Misfit Toys.

    The mystery itself is pretty standard and there are no big twists, but it’s really the characters that drive this story. Heather’s come to terms with herself and her realization that she loves what she does shows how far she’s come over the course of the series. Size 12 and Ready to Rock isn’t deep or profound but it sure is fun, and I’m excited that the series has lost none of its liveliness.

    Review by Brittany:

    Oh, Meg. How I’ve missed you! That stint with INSATIABLE was just so sub-par after my love for Heather Wells, and I’m so thankful you brought her back! Anyone who’s been reading this blog the past few months knows my love for the Heather Wells series and I’m SO GLAD I was not disappointed with the newest addition!

    Right off the bat, we get into the playful banter back and forth between Heather and Cooper, which is one of the things I loved to much about the series to start with. Sarcasm, silly jokes, teasing – It sounds silly, but those are my favorite parts of a relationship sometimes! Gotta have some playfulness. Heather and Cooper just make such a great couple and I love that they’re getting married now! And thank goodness we don’t have any cold feet in this book because frankly, I’m a little annoyed with the cold feet storyline! Please don’t take it there in the next one!

    I felt like this one wasn’t so much of a mystery as the other books were. We weren’t really taken deep into an investigations until closer to the end of the book, but we did get little secret reveals along the way. I really liked that we got to know more about Tania and Jordan, specifically Tania’s background since this book primarily focuses on her (well, after Heather & Cooper, of course). It was nice to get to know her more as a person instead of the girl with whom Jordan cheated and ended up marrying.