Sink or Swim by Stacy Juba

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    Ms. Juba’s writing style is compelling, intriguing, and believable. I was sucked into the story and fell right in step with Cassidy (the main character), as she tried to determine who was tormenting her.

    Ambitious personal trainer Cassidy Novak has gained national fame for starring on Sink or Swim, nicknamed SOS, a hit game show set aboard a Tall Ship. She hopes the prize money will help to launch her dream of owning a chain of fitness centers.

    Not only does she lose the competition and have to walk the plank in the finale, but after the game show ends, the terror begins.

    Upon returning to her small Massachusetts hometown, Cassidy discovers she has attracted a stalker masterminding his own twisted game. She struggles to focus on her health club job and celebrity endorsement opportunities, but her stalker has other plans.

    As her former competitors get knocked off one-by-one, Cassidy refuses to play by his bizarre rules. She’s also being shadowed by hunky photographer Zach Gallagher, who has been assigned to capture her personal moments for a spread in the local newspaper.

    She wants to trust Zach, but fears he may not be the nice guy that he seems. With or without Zach’s help, when the stalker forces a showdown by threatening her family, Cassidy must once again walk the plank – this time for her life.

    Review by Barbara Ensign:

    Stacy Juba
    Stacy Juba

    I was honored enough to get an advanced copy of this book and have been dying to write this review.

    I started reading it and thought, wow an inside view of the life of a reality “star”. I enjoy reality TV, let’s see how “tough” their life really is after appearing on TV.

    Cassidy has the misfortune of being the “runner-up” and must walk the plank in the season finale. Not only is she disappointed but her #1 fan is very unhappy about these results and decides it’s not fair.

    Cassidy is the contestant everyone loves, personable, friendly, all around nice person, which makes her the perfect target.

    Cassidy has a stalker who not only thinks she should have won, but also that they should be together, what stalker doesn’t think that!

    Upon arriving home to her job as a personal trainer, and her loving family, she is asked by the local paper to do a follow-up story on the life of Cassidy Novak, local girl makes it on reality show. Now she has a photographer following her around, he’s mysterious, handsome, and she knows very little about him! While on the show she has a connection with one of the other competitors, who happens to be engaged! The winner of SOS is the obnoxious Reggie, the guy everyone loves to HATE!

    So we have at least 3 potential stalkers or might they be victims of the stalker.

    You will enjoy the connection she has with her family, her clients, and her NEW number 1 fan.

    There are little twists and turns and ups and downs, and this is really a great book. Great storyline, and written by a fabulous writer!

    Review by WiLoveBooks:

    I loved this book about the aftermath of a reality show. Cassidy finishes second on Sink or Swim and goes back to her real life. She didn’t win the million dollars, but she quickly realizes that things are different anyway.

    She has lots of fans and admirers and has picked up a stalker. Other contestants from the show start dying. Cassidy doesn’t know what to do or who to trust outside of her family. The mystery kept me guessing. I recommend this one if you like mystery and suspense.

    Review by Jeannine:

    Taking a page out of today’s society, Sink or Swim is about a young woman who was a contestant on a reality show, with the hope of winning the big prize so she could move forward with achieving her ambitious goal of self-employment.

    She was prepared for the stresses and rigors of the game itself. What she wasn’t prepared for was her life becoming public once she came home. Along with the notoriety, she acquired a stalker.

    I read Ms. Juba’s other contemporary mystery, Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, and loved it; so, I was eager to read Sink or Swim. I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Ms. Juba’s writing style is compelling, intriguing, and believable. I was sucked into the story and fell right in step with Cassidy (the main character), as she tried to determine who was tormenting her.

    As with Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, I was surprised by the ending. I did not solve the case ahead of time! In addition to the mystery, Sink or Swim also has just the right amount of romance to make it a great read.