Shakedown by Joel Goldman

Shakedown by Joel Goldman Purchase:

    Crack. Rock. Crystal. Dead faces stand at city crossroads and sell their wares to the hopeless – the forgotten – in exchange for their souls.

    The war isn’t overseas. It isn’t south of the border. It’s in Everytown, USA. FBI Agent Jack Davis is neck deep in a dark urban war and it’s not some pansy-ass X-Box Modern Warfare fantasy. He’s caught in the crossfire of a war that rages on in the bleak and brutal streets.

    And Jack is fighting another war; this one inside his body as a mysterious disorder makes him shake when he should shoot.

    Jack’s latest case sends him on a dark journey steeped in the stench of death and endangering his daughter. Critical information is leaking – no –pouring out of the case. He can’t trust anyone as betrayal buries the truth in a deadly web of deception.