Seaside Christmas by Stacy Claflin

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    Stacy has sure outdone herself with this great book. It’s got it all, tragedy, suspense, love, and a church full of gorgeous men and brothers to boot.

    He can’t stand her. She thinks he’s crazy. Will their feelings stay etched in permanent ink?

    Cruz Hunter has always stuck out in his small hometown. Now that he’s covered in tattoos, the residents peg him as even more of an outcast. It seems like the whole world is against his dream of opening a local tattoo parlor.

    When he finally finds the perfect place for his new business, Cruz discovers a pastor and his daughter have already bought it. The only thing more irritating than the change in his plan is Talia, a beautiful and feisty argument in a dress. Cruz would like nothing more than to have her out of his life and his mind, but for some reason, she’s the only thing he can think about.

    If Cruz and Talia can stop arguing long enough, opposites may do much more than attract.

    Seaside Christmas is the fifth standalone novel in the Seaside Hunters collection, a series of sweet contemporary romances centered on the Hunter brothers. Author Stacy Claflin’s beautiful seaside town of Kittle Falls will make you want to visit… and stay! If you like chemistry, budding romance, and love in a quaint small town, then you’ll fall for the latest tale in the series.

    About Stacy Claflin:

    Stacy Claflin
    Stacy Claflin

    Stacy Claflin writes about complex women overcoming incredible odds. Whether it’s her Gone trilogy of psychological thrillers, her ongoing Transformed paranormal saga, or her Seaside Hunters sweet romance series, Stacy’s three-dimensional heroines shine through.

    Review by Peggy2000:

    Stacy has sure outdone herself with this great book. It’s got it all, tragedy, suspense, love, and a church full of gorgeous men and brothers to boot. I think this is my overall favorite and I can’t wait to see what the cousins bring to the party.

    I still would like to go back and hear all about the only sister and what her influence had in her brothers lives. Don’t miss this book and enjoy your Christmas with this great family.

    Review by Kit-Kat75:

    I’ve followed this series from the beginning and have fallen in love with this family of five boys. I should say “men,” I suppose, since they are all grown now and are all gradually making their way back home to their hometown of Seaside. Each book in the series can stand alone.

    Each brother is so different from the next and bad boy, Cruz, has always intrigued me. Tatted up and ready to open his own tat parlor, he’s a rough and tough kind of guy. When a building promised to him is sold from underneath him, he intends to talk the new owners out of using it for their church, but comes to find one of the nicest girls he’s ever met–and her preacher father. How can this diamond in the rough be good enough her this family? Once Cruz’s tough exterior is cracked open, a soft, gooey inside is found. I really liked him and how he would do anything for anyone. Appearances sure can be deceiving!

    This story has a slight Beauty and the Beast feel to it, which is one of my favorite fairy tales. Talia is a darling girl, with a love of cleaning and books. I really liked her character and her zest for life. I love how she is able to accept people for who they truly are. Her father is an amazing man and I really love the way he is able to wrap everyone around him in wisdom and love.

    The setting is fun–a small, touristy town that is now a bit more quiet with the summer season over with and the Christmas snows flying.

    I felt like the ending was a bit rushed and the series wrapped up a little too quickly (I guess I wanted more), but I did enjoy the journey and loved seeing bits of the other brothers’ lives. I’m looking forward to the spin-off series with the cousins.

    Content: some mild violence (fighting); no language; some religious elements (it revolves around setting up a church and a preacher’s daughter, but isn’t preachy at all); mild romance (kissing). Clean!