Scent of Lies by Debra Burroughs

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    Scent of Lies is a good book that is a fully rounded story with juicy bits of intrigue, romance, stubbornness, greed, kindness, friendship and hope for the future.

    The Scent of Lies is Book 1 in the Paradise Valley Mystery series. When 28-year-old Emily Parker’s dashing private-eye husband is killed, her world is torn apart. In time, she begins to unravel clues that maybe he wasn’t who he claimed to be.

    With the help of her close friends and the new police detective in town, Emily takes over her late  husband’s business and begins searching for answers to his murder.

    When another woman’s husband turns up dead, Ms. Parker is hired to find the man’s killer, putting Emily’s own life in danger.

    A story overflowing with friendships, murder mystery, romance, and intrigue–think “Sex in the City” meets “Nancy Drew”.

    Review byYvonne:

    Debra Burroughs
    Debra Burroughs

    Debra Burroughs has once again had me addicted to my kindle. I love the characters in this book. They are so real and so likable you want them for your own. They all just want to be there for each other. Each time I thought I knew who the killer was, there would be some kind of twist to make me question myself.

    You were rooting for Emily from the beginning. Can she solve this murder and really become the private investigator that she truly wants to be? She proves herself to all of those who doubt her. I am hoping for a continuing of her hunt to find out more about her late husbands secrets.

    With help from Colin, Alex, and Isabel, and the rest of Emily’s friends the bad guys don’t stand a chance against the Smokin’ Hot Lady PI. Can’t wait for the next book.


    Review by Janis D. McNutt:

    Debra Burroughs has made a mystery reader out of me. ‘The Scent of Lies,’ caught my attention on the first page and kept me engaged until the last. Main character, Emily Parker, is a likable, vulnerable, sassy, hotheaded, smart woman surrounded by loving friends. When she discovers a woman’s phone number in her late private detective husband’s jacket, she begins to realize, she doesn’t know a thing about why her husband was killed six months ago. Her rabid thoughts begin to form while she also finds some real inconsistencies in her late husband’s life. She is left to wonder, ‘Was our marriage a lie?’

    Unlike most chicken hearted women, Emily makes a move to find out the truth. She calls the number and sets up a meeting with the mysterious woman. And, that my friend is when the fun begins. Delia is the woman who hired Emily’s husband to uncover the truth about hers, Richard Vega.

    The mystery drama in ‘Scent of Lies’ is not heavy nor crude. The cleverly crafted story takes the reader on an engaging romp through hidden clues, romance, crime and murder. Oh, before I forget, Delia runs a multimillion dollar company called, Heaven Scent, which is all a girl needs to smell a rat. The story is fun and charming as Emily and Delia become friends and stand together even as another murder occurs, this time Delia needs all the help and girlfriends she can muster. Emily meantime, bristles and melts in the presence of the semi-set-up-date between the new man in town – who happens to be the new police private detective in Paradise Valley.

    Right from the start, it’s evident, Emily is fortunate to have a wonderful group of contemporary friends who are familiar characters to most reader’s lives. Burroughs has created strong, colorful, loyal women who perceive the bonds of friendship through thick and thin.

    Scent of Lies is a good book that is a fully rounded story with juicy bits of intrigue, romance, stubbornness, greed, kindness, friendship and hope for the future. But….Ms. Burroughs, please, who killed Emily’s husband? I think there is another story there.