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    Slowly but surely, their little romance blossoms into a full blown love story for the ages neither of them were seeking but find they can’t live without.

    After leaving Glebe Point, Maryland over five years ago, Charlene Morrison has returned to the sleepy town she grew up in on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, the one place she hopes she can start over, rebuild her shattered life, and escape the abusive relationship that almost destroyed her.

    Surrounded by a loving family, and the refuge of Glebe Point’s small town comfort, Charlie opens a gourmet cupcake shop and begins to take charge of her life again. She has a plan, and after her last relationship there’s no room in it for a man. But she didn’t plan on Cooper Barone, the sexy real estate agent who owns the business next to her shop and makes her question her self-imposed celibacy.

    Cooper knew the first time he met Charlene she had baggage—secrets. Despite his attraction to the whiskey-eyed beauty, he thinks getting involved with her would be a mistake. Unfortunately, every time he sees her, he does something stupid—like kiss her—and sampling those honeyed lips only makes him want her more.

    As Charlie and Cooper begin to grow close, Charlie believes she’s turned a corner and happiness may be within her grasp. But just when everything seems to be working in her favor, the past rears its ugly head and she must dig deep within herself for the strength to confront it head-on, or lose everything she loves most.

    About Patricia Paris:

    I write romance novels about strong heroines and the men who love them.

    I live in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland, USA, with my husband, John, and cat, Shiloh. When not writing, my other loves are gardening, sailing, exercising my culinary muscle, and especially, spending time with family and friends.

    My Glebe Point Series, This Time Forever, Letters To Gabriella, and the 2015 release, Return To Glebe Point, are set in the small town of Glebe Point, Maryland and revolve around the tight-knit Morrison Family.

    My other novels, A Murderous Game and the 2014 release, Run Rachael Run, are sexier, sassier, and have an element of suspense.

    I am, unashamedly, a true romantic at heart. I believe everyone deserves a happy ending and strive to deliver that to my readers, every time.

    Review by Amazon Customer:

    Patricia Paris
    Patricia Paris

    Charlene Morrison wasn’t looking for love. She didn’t want to find love. She no longer believed in love. She has secrets and scars from an abusive relationship. Charlene Morrison only wants to come home to Glebe Point and try to put the shattered pieces of her life back together.

    She has returned in shame even if it’s only lodged in her own psyche, her own memories. Hopes. Dreams. A beautiful future. They have all deserted her. Life will never be the same again.

    By her own admission, however, author Patricia Paris is a romantic at heart. She believes in love and the power of love. It’s out there. But where is it in Glebe Point? It’s been said you can’t go home again. But Charlene Morrison did. And Patricia Paris has love waiting for her. Will Charlene be able to find it, and will she be able to find it in time?

    Review by JMossReads:

    For fans of the Glebe Point series, this installment introduces us to another member of the Morrison family, Charlie, Justin and Blake’s cousin. Justin and Blake know that something happened to Charlie to bring her back other than a desire to return to their hometown.

    They just have no clue what it could be since they haven’t spoken to her in over three years. In spite of the mysterious circumstances surrounding her return, Blake and Justin do everything in their power to make her feel welcome and establish a life, even going so far as to getting her set up with her own cupcake shop.

    Cooper can see Charlie’s baggage a mile away and desperately wants to continue his carefree, drama free life but something about her draws him like a moth to a flame. They get off to a rocky start but quickly agree that being ‘friends with benefits’ would be mutually beneficial.

    Slowly but surely, their little romance blossoms into a full blown love story for the ages neither of them were seeking but find they can’t live without.

    Patricia Paris has once again delivered great characters with strength and resilience readers will be able to easily identify with.