Red Is an Attitude by Kathy Lynn Hall

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    Don’t let the title fool you either as this story is filled with suspense, mystery, murder, even sex!

    Lydia “Red” Talbot continues her adventures with Mac, her late husband who has now been re-incarnated as a Great Dane puppy; Joe, the hot handyman and her new paramour; and the residents of her inherited trailer park and the Gold Country city of Nuggetville.

    She and Joe take a pet-friendly cruise to Mexico, bringing along Mac. A new mystery springs up onboard and Red becomes embroiled in solving it, but trouble follows her back to Nuggetville.

    Mac isn’t a ghost any longer, so a new spirit arrives to help Red through the most dangerous of her escapades.


    Kathy Lynn Hall
    Kathy Lynn Hall

    Kathy Lynn Hall is a wonderful and fun read. She writes in a light, conversational tone that has humor, romance and suspense. The characters are very likeable and the main character “Red” is a honest, real and loveable Once I started this book I could not put it down.

    Red will captivate you as effectively as her red hair captivates those around her in this book. The storyline moves quickly and you will find that it will become difficult to put down! Second, the reader must be able to stretch the limits of their imaginations a bit; but no worries there since the book does it for you.

    Don’t let the title fool you either as this story is filled with suspense, mystery, murder, even sex!

    Review by Helen:

    I liked this book as much as the first! All to often I feel ever so slightly let down by a sequel, as if the author has thrown everything at the first book and left their main character without enough room to grow further. That is emphatically not the case here!

    Red’s new relationship is progressing. As with every (real) relationship there are fights, jealousy and strong emotions, some of which are scary for the people involved. I said it in my review of the first book and I will say it again, thank you Kathy for giving the world a believable heroine! At times I was physically moved to laughter, tears or smiles.

    This book is perfect for a lazy evening, perhaps with a little glass / cup / mug of your favourite beverage for company. As Red has developed (and is still developing) as a person she is beginning to enjoy life again, and this is reflected in the comparative liveliness of the plot, especially when compared to the first book. But make no mistake there are still very real and serious undertones at work which keep the work believable.

    Again the plot is realistic, a situation you may meet in real life (jealous wife, straying husband, remorse and revenge), and I appreciate that immensely. Personally I loved Mac being reincarnated as a dog. I can see how it would tax some people, but in the context of this book it feels perfectly natural. My advice, just leave your preconceptions at the door and enjoy the show!

    The thread that runs throughout the book is friendship. In the book, as in real life, friends are important and a natural part of everyday life. Nothing about these friendships feels contrived, and I like the fact that they are irrespective of age, gender, disability or sexuality. In other words a friend set true to life!