Red Gloves by Tim Greaton

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    A Compelling and Emotional Story

    JUST AS THE CITY OF PORTLAND, MAINE, is struck with a horrific crime wave of high school drugs and teenage killings, Lead Detective Priscilla Harris’ life swirls out of control. A terrible car accident has derailed her son’s basketball dreams, so he quits college and turns to methamphetamines to cope. To keep him from backsliding any further, Priscilla spends thousands of dollars on two drug rehab programs, but when the second try fails she doesn’t know where to turn. Worse yet, she learns her husband has stolen the remaining $30,000 of her inheritance money to run off with his beautiful, blond secretary. In the midst of it all, a mysterious red-gloved stranger is stalking both Priscilla and her son.

    Can Priscilla find some way to save her city and her son before more teenage corpses are found stacked like cordwood?

    In “The Santa Shop” Tim Greaton showed us the bitterness of despair and the sweet taste of hope. In this second standalone book of “The Samarians Conspiracy” he serves up a full, seven-course emotional meal. Lead Detective Priscilla Harris’ story will drag you through the depths of struggle and despair but not without amazing rewards.

    One reviewer says, “Tim Greaton’s fans will follow him to Hell in gasoline raincoats….”

    You’re invited to find out why.

    From the Author:

    When I was about sixteen years old, several police cars converged late at night on my father’s house. Apologetic for disturbing our family, a detective explained that a local 24-hour store attendant had been stabbed and I was one of a handful of known males about the right age and within walking distance. I was visiting my girlfriend’s house several miles away at the time, and the detective readily agreed that it wouldn’t be right to embarrass my girlfriend’s family by showing up there. Instead, my father called and asked if I could “…get home right away!”

    My girlfriend’s mother kindly drove me, but because she had just finished a glass of wine, she dropped me off several blocks from my home where she wouldn’t be likely to invite questions about sobriety. By the time I walked past the police cars and through the front door, nearly an hour had passed.

    Apparently quite patient, the detective took one look at my slim frame, button-up shirt and dress slacks and apologized for interrupting my evening. I didn’t look anything at all like the criminal. Then, turning to leave, he gestured to one of the patrolman and said, “If it’s okay with his parents, please return this young man to wherever he was.”

    I still remember that kind gesture. Though that detective had a serious crime to solve, he took the time to make sure a teenager’s night wasn’t totally ruined. Like him, my Lead Detective Priscilla Harris is street savvy but not jaded, and even though her personal life is filled with disaster, she continues to treat the people around her with compassion and respect.

    I enjoyed spending time with Priscilla, and I hope the conclusion to her difficult journey will leave you with a smile.

    Thank you for considering “Red Gloves.”

    Review by Arthur Levine:

    Red Gloves (The Samaritan Conspiracy – Book 2) by Tim Greaton is one of the best novels I’ve read by this master storyteller whose attention to detail is well known.

    I’ve heard of the plot thickening before, but this is a case of the plot and multiple sub plots keeping our attention and keeping us from discovering how this well woven story is going to end up. You will just have to read every page to find out.

    We have a female police detective named Priscilla trying to protect her drugged up teenage son and her alcoholic partner, a husband who she thinks is being unfaithful, and who has stolen $30,000 from her, and a culprit or benefactor wearing red gloves and a green jacket that no one can identify, who either protected her son from the deadly fate of his friends or ignored him on purpose, You will have to read on to find out which. All this and at this point I’m only up to chapter 10. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

    Continuing on the following night, I make an amazing discovery. I, the reader, have been duped by a skilled writer and I didn’t even see it coming. And I thought I knew this author well. Evidently nothing is as it seems when Tim Greaton is into his mastery mode of writing rendering surprise after surprise in a wonderfully descriptive writing style.

    I can’t tell you much more now, even though I pulled an all nighter and finished the book, without revealing what happens to who, but this much I can tell you–you will be surprised, shocked and excited by this suspense filled thriller.

    Oh well, I guess I can give you a little more, there is so much. How about the policewoman’s son nearly ODed on drugs, her husband has hired a divorce lawyer, she has been asked to join a mysterious organization called the Samaritans and ends up becoming the local DA. Finally good things happen to good people

    Here, here, Tim Greaton, there may not be enough stars in the universe, but this book at least deserves five of the brightest,