Recycled by Robin Tidwell

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    RECYCLED is an exciting and chilling tale of ‘it could happen tomorrow’.

    Survival had become a way of life since Co-opComm first launched VADER. Thirteen years had passed, and yet, Abby remained . . . she and the others prevailed where many had surrendered. And died.

    Abby is tired. Tired of running and hiding. Tired of struggling, tired of fighting. Ultratron has a new secret weapon–a better, improved version. And the government-sponsored company has a new target, a more heinous plan.

    Traveling to Chicago, the heart of the current regime, they come face-to-face with a new threat–or is it? Who is this mysterious Riley, and what does she know about the St. Louis compound?

    And how?

    Shadowy inhabitants arise from the depths of the city, but are they friend . . . or foe?
But Abby has only one objective: to defeat the government. Regardless of the cost.

    About Robin Tidwell:

    Robin Tidwell
    Robin Tidwell

    Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Robin graduated from Parkway Central at the end of her junior year and went on to college… five times. Nearly 30 years later, on a whim, she looked over her transcripts and re-enrolled, completing not quite sixty hours of credit in just over one calendar year. Her degree, from Columbia College, is a combined major of psychology, sociology, and criminal justice.

    Robin’s writing career began at the age of eight, when her grandmother insisted she read Gone with the Wind before taking her to see the movie. Inspired by Margaret Mitchell, she began scribbling little booklets of stories, and was the editor of her elementary school newspaper and a columnist in high school. She submitted a short story to Seventeen Magazine and was promptly rejected, but still keeps a copy of the manuscript in her desk.

    Robin has worked as a snack bar cook, a salad prepper, a camp counselor, a waitress, a receptionist, a housekeeper, a freelancer, an editor, and an employment consultant and manager. She’s also been in car sales, skin care sales, cookware sales, advertising sales, and MLM. She’s owned and operated an entrepreneurial conglomerate, a cleaning service, an old-time photography studio, a bookstore, and a publishing house.

    Six years ago, Robin and her husband Dennis moved back to St. Louis, after many years in Columbia, Sedalia, Colorado Springs, Durango, and Granbury and Tolar, Texas. They live with their youngest son, a dog, a cat, and a new puppy.

    Review by Alison:

    RECYCLED, the third book in a series by Robin Tidwell continues the story of Abby & friends from the St. Louis area camp in REDUCED to the outskirts in the caves under the city in REUSED to the rural farmlands of Illinois and making their way to the City of Chicago, the “new” government capitol. Tired of hiding for years from the dictatorship, the characters in RECYCLED are determined to stop the new government and get back their freedoms and liberties.

    They discover other groups of survivors taking shelter in the underground subway system. With a new strain of the deadly government-created virus, VADER on their minds, they combine their forces and form a plan that could end in certain death..but for whom? RECYCLED is an exciting and chilling tale of ‘it could happen tomorrow’.

    Two questions remain: Who created VADER, and why? Questions that must eventually be answered….

    Review by Amazon Cusomer:

    Couldn’t put it down! It’s hard to pin point what part I liked best! I honestly think that while the sadness of loss is there, it really shines in hope in the bravery and stamina of the human spirit.

    Review by sfoster95:

    I think I liked this one best so far. The story is so engaging you just can’t put it down. You are on edge the entire time waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    And then the epilogue eludes that there is even more yet to come. Bravo Robin on outstanding series.