Plain Jane by Carolyn McCray

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    The suspense is drawn out to the last drop, right up until you discover the shocking truth! To catch a killer, just how far would you go?

    Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware

    A Patterson-style thriller with a dash of Hannibal….

    A city paralyzed by a serial killer stalking the night, taking a most gruesome trophy.

    The only thing standing in the murderer’s way is an FBI profiler…recently released from a mental institution.

    Plain Jane combines the swift action of Patterson with the macabre of Harris.

    Just remember to keep the lights on when reading this one!

    Review by BrighterScribe:

    Right out of the gate this book creeped me out. Being a brunette myself, the title alone was enough to scare me! This was a seriously good book.

    Carolyn McCray
    Carolyn McCray

    Words like unhinged, grotesque, shocking, intriguing, and macabre were spinning through my head as I read the stunning and suspenseful pages. In this book, the lines between profiler and killer severely blur constantly. Cristyn West keeps you guessing, “Just WHO is the killer?” And just when you think you’ve figured it out, she takes you through to another labyrinthine twist.

    I found myself wondering, “Just who is watching you?” This was a creepy, gritty, horrifying and shocking ride. Right until the last page I found myself exclaiming, “No way!” This book will make you jumpy, especially if you’re a brunette. You’ll find yourself checking your doors and windows, and looking over your shoulder. You’ll catch yourself watching everyone around you, wondering……

    The suspense is drawn out to the last drop, right up until you discover the shocking truth! To catch a killer, just how far would you go? Read Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware and you will discover that there’s a fine line between madness and genius!

    Review by Pattyhook:

    Would you listen to Plain Jane again? Why?

    I can’t stop listening to it. The voice is so soothing, and the story is one of the best I’ve heard. There is twist after twist throughout the plot, what a good movie this would make. If you are squeamish or faint of heart, this is not the story for you. But if you enjoy shows like Dexter, Bates Motel, ect. then this definitely is one you will want to hear again and again.

    Who was your favorite character and why?

    Definitely, Harbinger, he is so bad, and so hot. Just the kind of man, Mom told you to stay away from, but you just couldn’t resist. Brain’s, braun and that voice, that nearly makes you wet your pants.

    What about Don Hoeksema’s performance did you like?

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Such a great job, gentle, smooth narration, great depiction of the characters. Don has a gift, few people have a voice as dynamic and beautiful as he.

    If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

    Come only if you dare!

    Any additional comments?

    You won’t go wrong with this book, it’s entertaining and will leave you pondering the end for quite a while!