Off the Edge by Carolyn Crane

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    The book was seriously on-the-edge suspenseful.

    For deadly secret agent Peter Macmillan, language is a weapon – one he uses to hunt criminals, destroy plots, and charm enemies. Seducing information out of a beautiful singer in a Bangkok hotel should be easy… except this particular singer has the power to destroy his cool façade, and with it, his last defense against a dark past. He tricked her.

    He helped himself to her body and her secrets. He has enemies everywhere. Laney Lancaster should hate Peter, but when she discovers him shirtless, sweaty, and chained up in the hotel’s dungeon, all she can think about is freeing him.

    Because she knows what it’s like to be trapped and alone. And she could use a dangerous friend. They might be wrong for each other, but to survive they must trust each other with their lives-and their hearts.

    Review by pw reader:

    Carolyn Crane
    Carolyn Crane

    Off the Edge by Carolyn Crane is a dark suspense romance. Peter and Laney are thoroughly complex characters. It is layer by layer that they are revealed with their quirks, ghosts and fears. Ms. Crane does an excellent job of letting us see what exactly makes them tick.

    At times Laney seems a bit naïve, but still resourceful enough to free Peter. Peter a hard emotionless observer in life; at least he thinks so until meeting Laney. It is hard to explain my thoughts of these two who use words with such precision for song and weapon.

    They are the least match pair I ever seen but somehow the author convinces me that they are right for each other. The setting of Bangkok gives the story a feel of a darker and gritty world with its criminal element. The plot is suspenseful and full of unpredictable twist and turns with action galore. One intense read.

    Review by Smitten with Reading:

    Okay, I was completely blown away by the premise of this book. Peter Macmillan is a secret agent who’s worked for the Associates for the last ten years, ever since his family was killed in a terrorist bombing on a train. But his specialty is awesome…he pinpoints bad guys and terrorists by their language and the way that they say things. Bad guys can notoriously become unrecognizable with plastic surgery and disguises, but their sentence syntax doesn’t change. He listens and pinpoints who the baddie is just by what they say and how they say it. (Didn’t I tell you? Brilliant!)

    For this novel, he’s in Bangkok trying to capture an arms dealer who’s about to sell off one of the most deadly weapons ever. He has to stop that auction. The auction is being held at a hotel where Peter is quickly distracted by the club singer, Laney. He’s distracted by her lyrics and how she creates songs that sound one way, but mean something entirely different.

    Laney has her own set of problems. Two years ago she sent her criminal husband to prison, but he has long-reaching power so she’s taken to hiding in Bangkok at this hotel. Every day she fears her husband finding her and she rarely trusts anyone, but she has a connection with Peter. He understands her songs in a way that no one else does (this comes into that whole brilliant language plot) so she decides to sleep with him, only to find out he deceived her.

    This book was fascinating. The first part is all about the language and I found myself intrigued. I am not a poetry/literature girl, but watching these two playing with language, I wanted to become one. Wow, this part was so cerebral, but not in a boring way at all. I loved it and the creative way Carolyn Crane explained it all, especially Peter listening to Laney’s songs. (And it should be noted: if I’m ever lucky enough to be in the same room as Carolyn Crane, I will just sit in the back and observe….there’s no way I’m intelligent enough to carry on a conversation with her, but man, she writes brilliant books that I love!)

    And then the action begins and NEVER lets up again. Wow…this book was most definitely a keep-you-at-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of novel. I went to bed when I was around the 60-65% novel, then woke up wide awake at 2:00 AM thinking about the book. There was no way I was going to go back to sleep until I finished the book. Yes, it was one of those.

    The book was seriously on-the-edge suspenseful. I loved the chemistry between Laney and Peter. He’s such a wounded soul, but she’s tough and doesn’t let him throw up walls. I loved that she kept coming back. She’s an awesome heroine. One of those that seems like a normal, everyday kind of girl in horrible circumstances, but she never buckles. Tough! This book definitely hit all my buttons. It was good, just like the first book in the series was, but no worries…these books absolutely work as stand-alones. You won’t miss a thing if you want to read them out of order. Thorne’s book is next and the glimpses I saw of him made my heart ache for him. I can’t wait!