No Matter What by Deborah J. Hughes

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    Its a great read if you love ghost stories, haunted houses, small town life, gossip, uncovered secrets, self-discovery, and history.

    Past Lives, Reincarnation and Ghostly intrigue all play a part in this creepy supernatural drama!

    When Robert and Mary Michaels buy an historical estate in Paddington, Massachusetts, they are hopeful it will give them what they need…solace for their troubled young daughter Lynn. Unfortunately, they weren’t told that the house has a troubled history and is haunted by young Clara Mallory.

    Lynn, however, soon discovers this well-known secret and the two girls form a quick bond. But they are meant to be much more than friends and once Lynn’s parents find out what’s going on, things get really messy.

    Although Robert, a psychiatrist, wants to help his little girl, he can’t do that without suspending his disbelief and accepting what he always thought to be impossible. For it seems that his new psychiatric patients are involved in what is going on in his house!

    Their troubles, he soon learns, stem not from this life, but another, one in which they committed a horrendous crime. And now everyone is in place to make right what went horribly wrong before. But at what cost?

    About Deborah J. Hughes:

    Deborah J. Hughes
    Deborah J. Hughes

    Deborah Hughes grew up in and around the small New England town of Bucksport, Maine. When she was seven, she and her family moved into a haunted old farmhouse and there they lived for seven long, spook-filled years.

    The experiences she encountered there triggered an intense interest in the paranormal, making her pursue a life-long quest to learn what she can about the spirit world and interacting with it. Though she started writing stories at the age of eight and decided early on to be an author, she joined the U.S. Air Force after high school and stuck with it for twenty years.

    Instead of writing books she was building bombs. Not exactly what she had planned for her life but she sure did experience some amazing adventures.

    Although her writing career took a backseat to work demands and a growing family, she continued to write the stories filling her head and demanding to be told. Deborah retired from the Air Force in 2003 and though life continues to be full of demands, she is now very focused on her writing career and creating books that satisfy her paranormal interests.

    Review by Denise:

    After falling In live with the tess Schaefer series, I wasn’t sure how I would like no matter what.. Deborah’s writing is ever so captive and the story was profoundly beautiful!! I was sorry to see it end but had such an appreciation for the new knowledge I learned on the paranormal when it came to numerology and reincarnation.. Deborah’s writing is flawless and beautiful, and I never wanted the story(s) to end.

    Review by Kim:

    The story and the characters are very well developed. Some of the characters are a bit predictable/typical, but they are charming and endearing. Great development.

    The story itself is multifaceted and full. So much history begins to crank out, page after page. Descriptions are vivid and its easy to visualize the story as you read.

    Its a great read if you love ghost stories, haunted houses, small town life, gossip, uncovered secrets, self-discovery, and history.