Murder in Room 305 by Gary C. King

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    From murder to conviction of Michael Lissy, the book is captivating to the end.

    A shocking true story of sex, greed and cold-blooded murder! Veteran true crime author Gary C. King spins a gripping real-life tale of a woman caught in a deadly web of lust and violence…a riveting story of love gone horribly, tragically wrong.

    Kathryn Ann Martini graduated from Yale with a bright future in the banking business. Young, beautiful and ambitious, she had everything going for her. Until she met Michael David Lissy, the sleazy proprietor of a scuba diving school who was a coke addict that consorted with pimps, prostitutes and other known criminals. Burned out and broke, he had nothing going for him. Then he met Kathryn…a match made in hell.

    On July 6, 1984, the raped and mutilated body of Kathryn Martini Lissy was found at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, Oregon. Soon afterward, police arrested Michael David Lissy, Kathryn’s husband of one year. A few months earlier, Lissy had taken out a large insurance policy on Kathryn’s life, naming him as sole beneficiary. Then he hired an underworld assassin to stalk and kill his wife. After one of the most sensational trials in Eugene’s history, Lissy was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

    Notice to readers: This book was previously published as Web of Deceit.

    A Review by R. J. Parker:

    Gary C. King
    Gary C. King

    MURDER IN ROOM 305 is written by one of the best crime writers in the business, Mr. Gary King. This book is fraught with extensive details relating to the premeditated murder of Kathryn Ann Martin. From murder to conviction of Michael Lissy, the book is captivating to the end. Well researched and written. A must read for true crime readers.

    A Review by Kimme:

    Kathy was an energetic young woman with a bright future. A Yale graduate and savvy business woman, she happened to fall in love with the wrong sociopath-enter Michael Lissy. From the very beginning Michael spun lies to lure Kathy in as a lover and wife while he laundered money from the business, committed insurance fraud for money and spent money on prostitutes. His initial intentions with Kathy were not clear-he lied to multiple people about his intentions to borrow money from Kathy’s family or use her business contacts to gain a large loan for his failing scuba shop business. After Kathy is found dead (while on a business trip) in her room – 305, the suspect list begins to grow.

    The novel begins on the night of Kathy’s murder and introduces the cast one person at time. This story reads like a mystery at times-which almost all suspicious murders are. Although this is not a “crime diary”-it is told by following the detectives and investigators through the investigative process. Key pieces of evidence are noted, but it does not need read like a police report. Parts of the investigation were (no doubt) omitted-but evidence is presented in the novel at the appropriate time to give the reader time to digest each piece. There are a few pictures included of the original crime scene-and a few of the people involved.

    Because of the intricate network of prostitutes and criminals Michael Lissy associated with, there are a number of people to keep track of. Some roles are slightly redundant (a few different prostitutes relaying the same storying or pointing in the direction of the same person), and many people have multiple aliases.

    This book focuses on Kathy’s murder but does go into detail about the past crimes of Michael Lissy and others involved in the murder. All of these facts put the murder into context and set the stage for the murder. The author adds the facts and bits of personal history at just the right time-and none of it distracts from the present. I recommend this book to anyone who likes crime novels – but it can be disturbing at times.