Murder for Glacier Blue by Diane Rapp

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    The reader will have a fun read, guessing and wondering “whodunnit”, but, more importantly, wondering (on the edge of their seats!!) what is going to happen next.

    Painted in 1907, “Glacier Blue” is an oil painting recently appraised at two million pounds. Reginald C. Pierpont, the artist who created the stunning masterpiece, studied with the Impressionists in Europe and bold visionaries in the Americas. The sole heir to a family fortune, Reggie used his vast holdings and leisure time to experiment with new techniques and daring ideas to create his art. Although the masterpiece failed to turn heads during his own time period, Reggie’s secret method triggers larcenous schemes among modern crooks.

    Genuine Fakes, an auction company that sells “authorized copies” of famous paintings, arranges to hold six charity auctions of fakes during a voyage to Alaska. Million-dollar originals will be displayed next to the Genuine Fakes during each auction—six opportunities for international thieves to steal a valuable piece of art. The president of Constellation Cruise Lines, Emily Schultz suddenly needs her new crack security team to guard the paintings.

    When one of the fakes gets stolen from the buyer’s cabin, a discrete search for the missing canvas begins. The stakes rise when a body is found next to the missing fake, and the investigation suddenly takes a deadly turn. The investigators learn more about “Glacier Blue” and realize it’s no ordinary work of art. The painting’s special secret already provoked one murder, and it gets easier to kill again.

    Emily begs Kayla and Steven to work for a few days before their wedding on Glacier Bay. They expected a stress-free cruise up the Inside Passage of Alaska, filled with glaciers, wildlife, and stunning scenery, but an art heist and murder might interrupt their romantic plans. To ramp up stress levels, Steven’s ex-wife, Cynthia, shows up for the cruise on the arm of Steven’s school chum—and Kayla feels hate-at-first-sight.

    The young couple must entertain future in-laws while trying to outsmart murderous outlaws. As the ship navigates through icy waters, truth lies hidden from plain view, like the treacherous underwater portions of dangerous icebergs. Greed, jealousy, and envy generate potent motives for murder.

    About Diane Rapp:

    Diane Rapp
    Diane Rapp

    Diane Rapp became an entrepreneur when she started her own dog grooming salon in Santa Barbara, California. She spent the next thirty years as a small business owner; she sold real estate, started an office supply store in Telluride, Colorado, and performed free-lance advertising design.

    During all those years Diane wrote stories as a cure for insomnia.

    She wrote short stories about dogs for a German Shepherd Dog Club newsletter, and then expanded to full length novels. After Diane and her daughter Laura co-authored a travel guidebook entitled Cruising the Eastern Caribbean (four editions were published by Hunter Publishing), Laura gave Diane the idea of writing a mystery set on cruise ships in the Caribbean. The High Seas Mystery series was born.

    Diane also enjoys writing science fiction. The Heirs to the Throne trilogy follows a crew of spacer refugees as they forge a new life on the backward planet Drako, raise children, and face danger.

    Review by Terry Soileau: Diane Rapp has done it again – kept me up late at night with another page-turner! MURDER FOR GLACIER BLUE is the 3rd book of the author’s High Seas Mystery Series. Now, I am interested in reading the other two books!

    The author is great at making the reader see. In effect, the reader goes along with the characters on their cruise to Alaska. The novel is imbued with authenticity, due, in part, to the fact that the author went on a cruise to Alaska and no doubt experienced much of what the characters experience. She even co-authored a travel guidebook on cruising, CRUISE THE EASTERN CARIBBEAN. Details of an art theft ring, the art world, painting, and art auctions on the ship also add to the realism of the book.

    The characters in the book also come alive, especially Kayla and Steven (the detective couple bound for their marriage and honeymoon at Glacier Bay National Park), Steven’s wild and wacky psycho ex-wife (who is intent, VERY INTENT, on spoiling or wrecking Steven’s scheduled marriage to Kayla), and an eccentric and cranky old man who brings a coffin onboard the ship (weird!!!) and who wins the bid on the Genuine Fake of the masterpiece painting, Glacier Blue.

    There are several interesting characters who had the “motive and opportunity” to commit the murder and art theft on the cruise ship, including Steven’s ex-wife, Cynthia. The reader will have a fun read, guessing and wondering “whodunnit”, but, more importantly, wondering (on the edge of their seats!!) what is going to happen next.

    The tourist sidetrips and sightseeing that the reader engages in along with the characters adds to the realism. Diane Rapp is good at describing the sights, with one highlight being the whales feeding, jumping and diving. A group from my church parish went on a cruise to Alaska and they had a blast. I am sure this book would bring back fond memories to them. I may even sign up next time, especially after reading this well-written book!

    So, set sail, kick off your shoes and relax. You are going to enjoy this one!